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Editing Specialized Content in Contribute

Users are able to edit the related links component, the announcements page and two additional components for their main page. Users may or may not have component 1, 2 and related links turned on or they may have a combination of them turned on. To turn on or off components, e-mail Gwyn Aych via Groupwise. To begin editing these pages, open Contribute.

First, type in the navigation bar the address for the site you want to work on:

If you are working on the:

Edit in contribute

Click 'edit page' to begin editing the content.

Edit page

When inserting a link DO NOT use the choose or browse options. Instead, type in the FULL URL of the page you want to link to. It should appear as

Because components and announcements are shared in various directories of the site this makes sure that the link will work in all of them.