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Center for Women's and Gender Studies

Wood Building, Room 110
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4896
Email: Dr. Karen Bradley, Director


Individualized Major in Women's Studies

If you are self motivated and really interested in feminist theory and methods and women's role throughout numerous academic disciplines then you should consider an individualized major in Women's Studies.  To become and individualized major, a students needs to contact the Director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies, Dr. Mary E. Kelly (, to organize a program of study.  The individualized major in Women's Studies requires that students complete the three core Women's Studies courses, WS 1050 - Introduction to Women's Studies, WS 2000 - Race, Class and Gender, and WS 4910 - Special Projects in Women's Studies, for nine credit hours.  A student, in collaboration with the Director, will select 24 credit hours worth of Women's Studies elective courses in English, History, Communication, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Religious Studies, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Academic Enrichment, Childhood and Family Development, Art and any other discipline as approved by the Director to fulfill the major requirement.

To view a sample program of study, please click on the link in the menu to the left of your screen.