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Teaching English as a Second Language Graduate Certificate

Become an adult and higher education ESL teacher in the United States or abroad by earning your graduate certificate from the University of Central Missouri. Our hands-on TESL program gives you a professional teaching certification as well as invaluable field experience to prepare you for top ESL teaching jobs.

Flexible graduate program options

UCM’s Teaching English as a Second Language graduate certificate is designed with the modern student in mind. You can get the traditional college experience by taking all of your classes at our Warrensburg campus. We also offer a fully online program option or a hybrid combination of online and in-person classes to meet your scheduling needs. Earn your TESL certification in less time — and for a more affordable cost — than many other TESL programs in Missouri.

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Earn a certificate in just 2–3 semesters

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Small class sizes of 15 students or less

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Finish with a teaching statement and CV

What you will study

The University of Central Missouri’s TESL graduate certificate is designed to help you understand the process of learning an additional language. At the same time, you’ll come to understand the specific needs of working with culturally and linguistically diverse students both in the U.S. and overseas. Our graduate courses in teaching English as a second language combine theory with direct, hands-on experience in all the facets of working as a professional in the ESL field. 

These are among some of the most popular courses:

  • Language and Culture: Explore the fascinating nature of culture and its impact on perceptions, communication, behavior and ways of learning, emphasizing its influence on school achievement. This course will help you better understand your students and the ways you can help them succeed.
  • English as a Second Language Practicum: Take this hands-on course for the opportunity to both observe and teach in an ESL classroom. You’ll design lessons and teach while being observed by a faculty member, then receive authentic feedback from your observer to improve your skills over time with repeated observation.
  • Advanced Teaching Methods for TESL: This course focuses on skills that teachers will be expected to have to be successful ESL/EFL or TESOL educators. You’ll complete multiple tutoring projects that consist of needs assessments, training and follow-up testing to determine the success of your interventions.


Unique learning opportunities in ESL, EFL, TESL and TESOL

The University of Central Missouri’s graduate certificate program in Teaching English as a Second Language focuses heavily on hands-on, practical application of coursework for a truly guided learning experience.

  • First-hand experience: Through courses such as English as a Second Language Practicum and Advanced Teaching Methods for TESL, you’ll gain first-hand experience in teaching and tutoring. As a result, you’ll develop advanced skills in assessments, training, testing, interventions and more.
  • Professional Certificate: Unlike many colleges in Missouri, UCM’s TESL graduate certificate program includes a field practicum that gives you the experience employers seek, both in the U.S. and abroad.


What can you do with a Teaching English as a Second Language graduate certificate from UCM?

The University of Central Missouri’s graduate TESL certificate provides you with the training needed to take your ESL/EFL education skills to institutions at home and abroad. Upon certification, you’ll have the requisite skills to pursue many different and exciting jobs at schools and learning institutions all over the world, including:

  • Adult and higher education English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher 
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher (overseas)
  • ESL program administrator
  • English language proficiency (ELP) test developer
  • ELP assessment rater
  • Positions within community-based organizations

Explore careers in TESL

TESL certification can open up a wide variety of career opportunities for you around the globe. Use the interactive tool below to explore the possibilities and get information on job outlooks, potential earnings and more.




Financial assistance options for your TESL graduate certificate

Pursuing your graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language shouldn’t have to break the bank. At the University of Central Missouri, our programs remain some of the most affordable for students in the state and across the country. Plus, we’ve been recognized as one of the top overall universities in the country for low student debt by LendEDU. 

Students earning their TESL graduate certificate are not eligible for aid, but if you’re also enrolled in a degree program at the same time as the TESL graduate certificate program, you may be able to benefit from many scholarships and awards. You can learn more about program-specific scholarships with the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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