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Public Relations BS

One degree, a world of opportunities

The public relations program at UCM develops professionals who take a public-focused approach to results-driven strategic communication. UCM's globally-certified public relations curriculum is driven by national data from the Public Relations Society of America. It prepares students for success in many strategic communication careers. Students in the program can expect personal attention from faculty members, real-world experiences through internships and in-class clients, and the opportunity to gain valuable skill sets employers need. 

A great way to imagine public relations is as the voice behind the voice. Our graduates work behind the scenes (and sometimes out front) engaged in strategic storytelling. They make sure that client or organizational messaging is authentic and strategic. It's a tough communication environment out there; public relations professionals are key to long-term organizational life and public trust. Every employer needs public relations professionals. Our graduates pursue great careers in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, business-to-government, for-profit, non-profit and social enterprise environments.

About the public relations program

Globally certified curriculum

The globally-certified public relations program curriculum provides students with a comprehensive hands-on learning experience. Graduates are ready for the professional world of image development, professional storytelling, digital media management, strategic planning, issues management, promotional communication, media relations and crisis communication. Our unique curriculum equips students with the skills needed to succeed in today's competitive environment. Public relations majors get to complete courses such as Principles of Public Relations, Design and Layout for Public Relations, Electronic and Social Media for Public Relations, a faculty-supported Public Relations Internship and Public Relations Campaigns.  Check out the PR major 4-year plan. Follow us @UCM_PR_Program. Read our blogs and learn more!

PR faculty

Dr. Tricia Hansen-Horn, Ph.D. - Professor and Program Coordinator

Tom Heapes, APR, - Associate Professor

Dr. Adam Horn, Ph.D. - Professor

Professional Advisory Board

The public relations program is supported and guided by engaged alumni who serve on our professional advisory board. The PAB helps the program stay up-to-date with current industry trends and partner with industry leaders.

  • Shawn Arni (1986) Director of Communications & Marketing-Medical - Children's Mercy Kansas City
  • Adam Davis (2010) Lobbyist Consultant
  • John Fay (1970) Principal - Funding Resources
  • Roxann Kinkade (1981) PR Consultant
  • Speed Marriott (1977) Owner/CEO - P1 Learning
  • Nick Mortallaro (2005) Agent and Financial Services Representative - State Farm
  • Lisa Qualls (1994) Senior Account Executive - ProActive Solutions
  • Jason Roth (2001) VP, Resource Development - Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City
  • Tony Winders (1990) CMO & Principal Consultant - Winders Consulting Group
  • Heather Woodard, APR (2003): Director, PR & Social Media - H&L Partners

Student engagement: UCM Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and Innovative Public Relations (IPR)

Led by a student exec team, UCM PRSSA provides leadership, professional development, career readiness, networking, and internship/job opportunities to all majors and minors. Follow it @UCMPRSSA.

A one-of-a-kind, award-winning student-led agency operating at UCM, Innovative PR prepares students for the professional world while serving many valuable clients. Past participants have found employers highly attracted to their IPR experience and expertise. Learn more; visit its blog. Watch this amazing video produced by IPR. Follow it @UCMInnovativePR.



Alumni testimonies

"The PR program at UCM provided me with a wealth of hands-on experience, knowledge and resources imperative to the success of my career. The strong emphasis on communication and writing skills throughout all core courses continually proves its importance in day-to-day tasks." (Angela Orr - Digital Communications Manager at Kansas City Area Development Council)

"The UCM PR program consists of a well-rounded curriculum supported by professors with a wealth of knowledge and experience. These professors provided me with educational and professional support from day one in the program, continuing today as an alumna." (Cara Mahon - Digital Marketing Specialist at Associated Wholesale Grocers)

"The UCM PR program equipped me for the finance industry in more ways than I could imagine. The overall knowledge, skillset, and hands-on experiences acquired through the program have allowed me to broaden my professional network and client base in ways most financial advisors wouldn't consider. Without my background in public relations, I am certain I would not be at the level that I am today." (Adam Maddox - Financial Professional at Prudential)

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