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History Minor

History Is Happening Now

Interpreting and comprehending the past is challenging, but it can help us navigate the rapidly-changing world with greater success. A minor in History will provide an understanding of the causes and effects of our past, across multiple cultures and peoples, in order to accurately read the present. You will build fundamental critical-thinking, research, and communication skills while expanding cultural literacy and coming to understand better the world in which we live today. This minor is for students who wish to add an interesting and relevant program to their current major.  Beginning soon, this minor can be completed online.

A History Minor

You Only Need Six Courses

You’re majoring in in a subject that you find is not as intellectually-stimulating, or, frankly, not as fun as you thought it would be. But you love history! So, why not add a History minor. The History minor is an easy way to study what you really love while getting the essential skills that you need. You will take five entry-level courses in American and World history and two upper-level history courses of your choice. And soon you will be able to do all of this online.

Why A History Minor?

Why not study something interesting that you love alongside your intended major? The history minor will give you a taste of history as you complete the five survey courses in U.S. and World History. Then you can take two upper-level courses where you dig much deeper into a subject like the Renaissance or Reformation, the American or French Revolution, Japanese history, Public History, or the US Civil War.

History Out Of The Classroom

You can join our very active History Club, take field trips to historical sites, attend historical exhibits and film festivals, and meet with History professionals active in the field. 

An Online History Minor?

Very soon, we will be offering the coursework so that you can earn this minor online. So, if you have a busy major like Aviation, you can still work the History minor into your schedule.


Dr. Joshua Nygren
Associate Professor of History
Wood 136G
Tel: (660) 543-8738


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