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Career Services Center

Ward Edwards 1200
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4985
Fax: 660.543.4668


Masters of Arts in Teaching &
Alternative Certification


If you are interested in becoming a teacher, the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and other Alternative Pathways to Certification programs can get you on your way to becoming a certified teacher in the state of Missouri. The first step in getting into the MAT or another Alternative Pathways to Certification progam is to contact the Clinical Services and Certification Office. The staff in that office will review your transcripts and if you meet the requrements for admission, they will provide you with an academic plan to complete your certification.

If you are seeking a full-time job as a teacher, we can help! The first thing you should do is make sure you are registered with our office – it’s free. The Central Career Network (CCN) is the job listing program that we utilize, and it allows you to create your profile, upload resumes and cover letters, manage your credential file, and search for jobs.

What Should You Do First?

Step #1) Meet with the Clinical Services and Certification Office:
A direct link to the certification office website for contact information, important dates, and information regarding your certification.

Step #2) Prepare for your Job Search by Getting Registered with Career Services: The Office of Career Services provides students with many services to assist in the job search process. In order to utilize all of these services, you will want to get registered fairly early in your MAT or Alternative Pathways to Certification program. By registering you will be able to participate in on-campus interviews, view job postings, have your resume sent to potential school districts plus much more!

Step #3) Create/Update your Resume and Cover Letter: Odds are that you will need to update your resume and make it more focused towards the field of education. Our office is here to assist you in getting your resume perfected. We have walk-in hours from 4-5 p.m. every weekday, if you can not make those times, feel free to call our office to schedule an appointment. Your resume and cover letter are very important documents in your job search, make sure you take the time to ensure that there are no errors in these documents.

Step #4) Practice Your Interviewing Skills: Take advantage of this amazing resource! Interviewing is an important step in the job search process, and it takes practice to be effective in an interview setting. During these appointments, one of our professional staff will sit down with you and ask you interview questions for 10-15 minutes. This will be taped, so that you and the staff member can review the interview and provide you with priceless tips and suggestions. We ask that you dress professionally for these interviews, bring your resume. To schedule an appointment, call our office at 660-543-4985.

Step #5) Understand the Credential File: This will link you to a listing of Frequently Asked Questions, which covers important information regarding the basics of what a credential file is and how it is used in your job search.

Step #6) Send your Credential File: Use this resource to send your credential file to school districts.

Additional Job Search Resources:

Job Search Stratagies for Education Majors: A useful tool to help organize yourself, and make sure you are preparing yourself to be effective in your job search.

Education Interview Tips & Questions: Provides useful interview tips and possible interview questions for education majors, along with good questions to ask school district administrators during your interview.

Important Links: A collection of useful job search links including (MOREAP, Successlink, etc.)


Understand the Internet and Your Job Search

Utilize Networking

Secure References

Accepting the Job

Effective Salary Negotiation

Ethics and Expectations