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"What Can I Do With a Major in...Sociology?"

Why Major in Sociology?

Bachelor of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Science Degree

The graduate with a Bachelor degree in Sociology will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Develop an awareness of personal assumptions, as well as basic American assumptions in analyzing positions on social issues.
  • Discern the basic components of culture including group diversity, socialization, identity, and cultural symbols.
  • Delineate the basic process and consequences of stratification across social categories including ethnicity, race, social class, gender, and societies.
  • Recognize how social institutions operate organizationally within society and how they vary over time and space.
  • Create reasonable linkages between empirical evidence and theory utilizing both inductive and deductive forms of logic.
  • Develop effective ways of communicating in professional contexts.
  • Understand basic research procedures in accord with the scholarly practices of the discipline of Sociology including the utilization of research journals and their documentation, construction of a research document to report findings, and the proper citation of sources.
  • Critically evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of competing theoretical views and everyday frameworks of understanding, recognizing the complexity and uncertainty that are always present.

US Dept. of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook

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Affiliated Organizations

Academy Health
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Four-Year Academic Plan

Sociology: B.A. Degree 
Sociology: B.S. Degree


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