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Professional Development Days @ UCM

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Highlights from The 2015 Professional Development Days @ UCM

Managing the Paper Load: How Busy Professors Can Use Writing to Help Foster Critical Thinking

Martha Townsend is a Professor of English at the University of Missouri, former director of MU's Campus Writing Program, and author of numerous chapters and articles on Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines. Her work in writing and general education has taken her to scores of universities across the US and international. She received university awards for Leadership in International Education and for monitoring of women. Her current research project, The literate Lives of Athletes: How a Division I Football Program Graduated 100% of its Senior Players, is a literacy study of one cohort of student-athletes who managed to play highly competitive Division I football while maintaining a rigorous academic schedule. Twenty-five faculty participated in this one-day workshop examining the concept of Writing Across the Curriculum and how writing really does apply in any discipline.

Integrating Critical Thinking into Your Courses & Assessing Your Students' Critical Thinking Skills (and Advanced Learning Technologies that Might Help!

We live in a world that is more complex and technical with each passing day. Average users in the U.S.A. spend 12 hours a week on the internet, and few of today's young adults can imagine a time when information was not literally at their fingertips. Students today need to be savvy navigators of the information superhighway and need to think critically about the massive quantities of information they consume.In a recent survey conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 81% of employers reported wanting new employees to have better critical thinking skills. There is a plethora of evidence that critical thinking skills can be taught in such a way to encourage knowledge transfer. Educators have a wide variety of assessment tools at their disposal when it comes to the assessment of critical thinking. Guest presenter, Heather Butler, Professor of Psychology at California State University Dominguez Hills presented two workshops on Critical Thinking to twenty-seven faculty.

Stay in the know, updates will be announced here and UCM Daily with information on the daily agenda, registration links, and additional details for 2016's Professional Development Days @ UCM.

For more information, contact: Melissa Wilson,, 660-543-8528