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Innovative Educators

Innovative EducatorsInnovative Educators is dedicated to providing superior training focused on critical issues facing students and educators today. Their primary goal is to provide the information, training, and skills necessary to implement positive change on a personal, professional, and institutional level.

Innovative Educator (IE) account structure so that one must create a specific Go2Knowledge account in order to access their webinars, both live and on-demand, which are now available only on the Go2Knowledge website.

You can access this site by following the directions below:

  1. Navigate to (note - you have to use this URL; the IE URL will not take you to the webinars).
  2. Once there, log in if you have already created an account directly with G2K. If you have not created an account, fill in the input boxes on that page and click register.
  3. Once you have logged in, you can locate the webinar from your dashboard.
    1. If it is an on-demand webinar you will be able to access the recording immediately.
    2. If it is a live webinar, you can simply click register and then they will send you an email with a join link that you can use on the date of the webinar. (You can also access the live webinar once it starts directly from your Go2Knowledge dashboard.)

For more information send us an email.


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