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DLII Poster Service

Research Poster Printing Service

DLII Example PostersOnce you have designed your research as a poster presentation, DLII staff will assist you with printing. Using a wide format printer, production is allowed up to 44 inches in the smallest of the two dimensions. (e.g. a poster that measures 44 inches x 96 inches is possible, but not 4 feet (48 inches) x 8 feet (96 inches).

DLII prints all posters on matte heavyweight poster paper that comes in 44-inch wide rolls.

DLII will charge your department for the printing of research posters as material cost recovery—the paper/ink use averages $5.00 per running foot at 44 inches wide. These prices are intended to cover our costs for paper and ink in order to continue providing this service.

There are several online sources for free research poster templates:


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