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Internal Course Reviews

Reviews of Online Courses

DLII offers confidential internal course reviewsAlthough DLII does offer individual consultations that include teaching and pedagogy, the standard university-wide internal reviews are of course design ONLY. A school or college can decide to complete an online course review above and beyond the basic rubric used for these university-wide reviews, and they can decide to conduct these additional reviews using a rubric of their choice; however, this is not required.

A DLII review typically takes about 3 weeks from start to finish. (This is from the date the review opens, NOT the date DLII receives the course information). DLII maintains records of all online course reviews.

The process of an online course review is as follows:

  • Colleges identify course(s) they would like reviewed
    • Reviews are not done on live sections of a course. They must be inactive or a copy must be made.
  • DLII staff will be assigned to the review.
  • DLII applies an approved basic rubric to the course.
  • The lead reviewer (one of the DLII staff assigned to the online course) compiles and returns an annotated certification report to any individuals identified by the College.
    • Online courses with a significant deficiency will be returned with suggestions for revision. This could include (but is not limited to):
      • Failure to include measurable objectives.
      • Failure to meet ADA accessibility requirements.
      • Objectives are not aligned with course activities.


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