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Professional Enhancement Committee

Spring 2015 Professional Enhancement Committee Professional Development Assistance Grant Application

Spring 2015 Professional Enhancement Committee Professional Development Assistance Grant Application - WORD


The purpose of this grant is to facilitate the professional growth of UCM faculty. Grants may be awarded for proposals submitted in the four categories listed below. Given the limited funds available, the Professional Enhancement Committee (PEC) will accept grant proposals that are within the given budget limits for each category. Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate a unique opportunity to further the faculty member’s professional development. Also, activities which cannot be funded through alternative sources will be given highest priority.


The application deadline for Fall 2015 TBA.

Sabbatical Leave Requests

The PEC Committee also oversees sabbatical requests that are applied for each year.  They are responsible for reviewing each request and making their recommendations to the Provost.

Professional Enhancement Committee Members

Michael Grelle Provost's Office  
Ann McCoy College of Health, Science & Technology 2016
Leslie Welpman Harmon College of Business & Professional Studies 2018
Jeremy Underwood At-Large 2018
Julie Hentges College of Education 2018
Mark Von Schlemmer College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 2016

Committee Mission

The FS Professional Enhancement Committee (PEC) (sharing responsibility with the Information Technology and Instruction/Center for Teaching and Learning department and the Office of Sponsored Programs) is charged to promote the professional growth of the faculty at Central. The committee will recommend policy to the Provost and oversee the selection, supervision, and evaluation of professional enhancement activities covered in this document. Additionally, this committee will actively support general teaching improvement and coordinate the various activities listed below and such other activities as may be initiated and approved later. The Center for Teaching and Learning department will provide staff and operational support for the FS Professional Enhancement Committee as the need arises.

Structure and Responsibilities of the FS Professional Enhancement Committee

  1. The responsibility for all institutional and professional enhancement and development programs will lie with the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The FS Professional Enhancement Committee is the primary vehicle for the implementation and development of these responsibilities. The FS Professional Enhancement Committee is composed of seven faculty members (one from each college, one member from the library/Educational Development Center, and one at-large faculty member). These seven members are to be recommended by the FS Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Faculty Senate. Ex-officio non-voting members are the Assistant Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School and the Assistant Provost for Information Technology and Instruction. The FS Professional Enhancement Committee reports to the Faculty Senate and makes recommendations to the Provost.

  2. The functions of the committee include recommending policy for the professional development and enhancement options cited, devising procedures for receiving/processing requests for proposed enhancements and development, coordinating campus developmental activity, and recommending/developing new faculty/academic staff activities. These activities should involve the Center for Teaching and Learning. A major ongoing component of the FS Professional Enhancement Committee is to screen applicants and proposals and thereafter make recommendations for approval/disapproval as requested on professional enhancement activities. Ex-officio members evaluate all applications for leaves. Their ratings are included in the decision-making process. Ex-officio members, however, do not vote on awarding of funds or recommending leaves.

Responsibilities of the Center for Teaching and Learning 
This office serves as the primary staff support for the FS Professional Enhancement Committee and the focal point for initiatives for general faculty professional development. This office accepts and processes applications for professional development projects sponsored by FS Professional Enhancement Committee.