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Student Organizations


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Explore Organizations with Central Connect

Central Connect is your one stop for involvement opportunities at the University of Central Missouri. Discover student organizations to join, events to attend, and experiences to earn.

Central Connect


The University of Central Missouri has over 185 Recognized Student Organizations.

There are 8 different categories of organizations, including:

Academic/Departmental                Organizations tied to an academic program or department on campus  
Community Service Organizations committed to serving non-profits and the community  
Culture & Identity Organizations that represent and celebrate culture and heritage  
Governance Organizations that represent the student body  
Honorary Organizations dedicated to academic achievement in various disciplines   
Recreation & Sport Clubs Organizations engaged in intercollegiate competition or recreational endeavors  
Religious Organizations that are faith based  
Social Greek Organizations Organization that are members of Fraternity & Sorority Life  
Special Interests Organizations dedicated to student passions that do not fall in previous categories  



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