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Center for Business Internships

Dockery Building, Suite 101
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4803
FAX: 660.543.8350
Darrell Brammer, Director Partnership Development and Internships

Sarah Alkire, Coordinator
Phone: 660.543.8432

Employer Information

An Academic Internship

is an academic program that enables employers to use highly qualified students who are current in their career area as a part of their workforce.  Internships are also referred to co-op.

Students working in positions related to their majors are supervised by a professional in their academic discipline at the employment location and by a UCM faculty member in the Center for Business Internships (CBI) who is responsible for awarding academic credit.

Employers participate in the program by:

The potential employer provides a job description to the CBI. If the position includes an opportunity for a strong learning and growth experience in the student’s academic discipline, academic credit will be awarded for the work experience.  The Center for Business Internships screens and refers students to employers who will make final hiring decisions.

Internships provide the employers an opportunity to observe and evaluate potential employees prior to any permanent commitment. An internships program is an excellent supplement to your recruiting programs.

Advantages for the Employer