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Center for Business Internships

Dockery Building, Suite 101
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4803
FAX: 660.543.8350
Darrell Brammer, Director Partnership Development and Internships

Sarah Alkire, Coordinator
Phone: 660.543.8432


Student Advantages

Academic Internship

An academic program that enables students to enrich their classroom studies through academically related employment. Internships can also be referred to as "Co-ops".

Students, working in positions related to their majors, are supervised by a professional in their academic discipline at the employment location and by a UCM faculty member in the Center for Business Internships who is responsible for awarding academic credit.

Academic credit is earned by:

• Obtaining faculty approval and supervision for the internship
• Developing professional and personal goals for the internship
• Enrolling in the appropriate internship course, and paying tuition
• Completing course requirements as stated in the applicable syllabus


The Center for Business Internships screens and refers students to employers who will make final hiring decisions. Generally, students may not use an existing job for an internship unless it is closely related to their major and provides strong learning and growth experience.

Exploring Career Options

Internships provide students an opportunity for career exploration before making a long-term employment decision. Advantages include:

• Work full or part time
• Earn money for tuition and other expenses
• Acquire credit hours toward your degree
• Identify your strengths and weaknesses
• Evaluate your interests and goals
• Apply classroom skills and knowledge
• Work with professionals in your field
• Learn to adapt to various employment situations
• Develop self-confidence and communication skills
• Acquire practical experience in your career area
• Include relevant work experience on your resume
• Build a foundation for your professional network