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Center for Business Internships

Dockery Building, Suite 101
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4803
FAX: 660.543.8350
Darrell Brammer, Director Partnership Development and Internships

Sarah Alkire, Coordinator
Phone: 660.543.8432


Internship Programs, Policies, and Procedures

The Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies (HCBPS) has been actively engaged in placing highly qualified business students with firms throughout the Midwest, and beyond, for more than twenty years.  We offer internships for accounting, computer information systems, economics, finance, marketing, and management students. We also offer opportunities for students who are enrolled in all tracks of the Master of Business Administration program and in the Master of Science in Information Technology program.

UCM has a student population of approximately 11,000, with about 2,000 of them pursuing degrees in the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies.  Each calendar year the Center for Business Internships places more than 200 interns with business organizations ranging from small mainstreet businesses to large international corporations.  We also have an international internship program that places students in Mexico.

What does the Center for Business Internships expect of students who want to obtain a business internship?

From an academic viewpoint, we want students to be prepared to contribute to the organizations that offer them challenging opportunities to apply what they have learned in the classroom.  We require students to complete at least 60 semester hours of academic credit, with a minimum cumulative grade-point-average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (accounting students must have a minimum gpa of 2.65), prior to accepting an internship.   This means the typical intern would have completed most of the required University Studies courses, the portion of the curriculum designed to provide the student with a broad-based understanding of the differing environments and cultures that they may encounter on their journey through life and career(s).  Interns also would have completed courses in their major field of study. The Director of the Center for Business Internships will evaluate the intern through reports submitted by the intern as well as a workplace visit.

What can employers expect of the student intern?

All interns will have working knowledge of the latest software and current trends in their chosen profession. Past and current employers frequently remark on the work ethic, academic preparation, and initiative of our interns.  Considering the interns are still involved in the academic learning process, it should not be expected that they would be experts in the particular industry but that they will bring a high degree of motivation, preparation, and inquiry to the workplace.

What do we expect from employers of our student interns?

First and foremost, we want our student interns to be placed in positions that provide challenging learning and development opportunities pertinent to their chosen area of academic study.   The intern’s supervisor is expected to assist the intern in establishing realistic personal and professional goals, to make work assignments based on the intern’s abilities and training, to provide the resources necessary for effective performance, and to assess and provide feedback to the intern and the Center for Business Internships.  We encourage employers, where feasible, to designate a mentor for each intern, allowing another channel of involvement and source of guidance.

Internships are generally for academic credit and must be compensated. Students must work a minimum of 200 clock hours to earn three hours of academic credit, and a minimum of 350 clock hours for six hours.  Students are available for full-time or part-time work.  Students can work for one or more employment periods, dependent upon the employers’ preferences and the students’ academic programs.

To initiate the process of obtaining an intern from our program, please provide us a written position announcement specifying work to be performed, the desired period of employment (generally spring, summer, or fall), skills and knowledge requirements, and any other applicable information about the position.  We will assess the position to determine whether it is appropriate for any of our academic disciplines and eligible for academic credit.  Once assessed, the Center for Business Internships will advertise the position, pre-screen students, and forward resumes (and transcripts, if requested) for all qualified candidates.  We will also assist the employer with the interview process.  However, the employer will make the actual selection based on work requirements and student qualifications.  If the employer prefers, we will make contact each semester to determine if an internship opening exist.

We operate on a good faith basis, and do not require the employer to sign any agreement with the Center for Business Internships.  There are no costs to the employer, except adequate compensation for the interns.