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CTL Staff

CTL Staff supports UCM faculty and students through years of experience in instructional design, instructional technology, and teaching. CTL staff members are certified as course reviewers and instructional designers by internationally recognized names in quality online course design such as Quality Matters and the Online Learning Consortium. Most team members are experienced online and face-to-face instructors, and all bring expertise in instructional design to the table. Recognitions of CTL members include (but are not limited to):

  • Degrees in multiple academic areas and methods of content development, including advanced degrees in Education Technology and Instructional Design, Commercial Art, Communication (Broadcasting and Journalism), and Literature.
  • Advanced study in information technology,
  • Certifications in all levels of Quality Matters (K12, Higher Ed, Publisher, and Continuing Education), Online Learning Consortium, SUNY, ACUE, Wichita State U, and other entities. These certifications include QM Master and Peer Review, OLC Online teaching certifications, Accessibility in Higher Education (UDL).
  • Attendance at conferences, training sessions, and webinars on course design, assessment, ADA compliant design, active learning, etc.

CTL constantly strives to improve and expand our experience with education technology, so our faculty and students can be confident that they have the support they need as they move forward. Our mission is to support the students and faculty of UCM, and we look forward to collaborating with you in the future.


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Carol Knight

Interim Director
Center for Teaching & Learning
JCKL 1423/1456
(660) 543-4385

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Mike de Laurier

AV System Coordinator
Center for Teaching & Learning
HUM 404
(660) 543-8973

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Terry McNeeley

Instructional Design Specialist II
Center for Teaching & Learning
JCKL 1444
(660) 543-4749

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Chad Marnholtz

LMS Manager
Center for Teaching & Learning
JCKL 1442
(660) 543-8065


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