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Student Activities

Elliott Union 217
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4007


Upcoming Events


September 1, 2015: Let's Talk, Union Atrium, 12:30pm

September 9, 2015: "Not Just Skin Deep: Diversity 101", Union 237 A, 7pm

September 24, 2015: I am...Safe Zone, Union 237 A and B, 3-8pm

October 1, 2015: Royal Blush Drag Show: Bad B****es Only, Hendricks Hall, 7pm

October 6, 2015: Let's Talk, Union Atrium, 12:30

October 13, 2015: National Coming Out Day, Union Atrium, 10am-2pm

Novermber 2&3, 2015: No Shave November Sign-ups, Union Atrium, 10am-2pm

November 3, 2015: Let's Talk, Union Atrium, 12:30

December 1, 2015: Let's Talk, Union Atrium, 12:30




February 23rd-February 26th, 2015: Unity Week


December 2, 2014: Let’s Talk: #UCMDiversity – NO SHAVE November


November 4th, 2014: Let’s Talk: #UCMDiversity – Native American Heritage Month


September 25th, 2014: Royal Blush Drag Show


September 30th, 2014: Let’s Talk: #UCMDiversity – National Hispanic Heritage Month


October 7th, 2014: Let’s Talk: #UCMDiversity – Diversity and Leadership



No Shave November
No Shave November brings awareness of prostate cancer!

Royal Blush Drag Show
A night of entertaining performances and history of the Drag culture


Unity Week

Unity Week is celebration of diversity and community.

 It is a collaborative effort by students, faculty, and administrators.

 Unity Week consists of entertainment, speakers,

panels, programs, food, and music!