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Student Activities

Elliott Union 217
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4007


The LEAD (Leadership. Education. Advocacy. Development) Series are designed to help students reach their full leadership potential, learn how to use leadership skills in their own lives, and to better assist their student organizations. With presentations by a variety of national speakers and campus professionals, there's bound to be something you or your organizations are interested in! While some sessions may be designed for student organizations, all students are welcome to attend the LEAD Series regardless of involvement level!

LEAD Speaker Series Upcoming Events


SPRING 2015:


January 26, 7pm
Tips for Tough Talks
Union 236
RHD Martin Cram talks about what it takes to make interpersonal communication effective and what it is like to have tough conversations with your peers


February 26, 7pm
Unity Week: Talent Showcase
Join us in a display and showcase of UCM’s talent in an open mic fashion

LEADERSHIP WEEK: Take the Leadership Challenge
Take the Leadership Challenge and attend several LEAD Speakers this week

March 30, 3pm
Great Leaders of the Past


March 30, 6pm
Encourage the Heart



March 31, 3pm
Look Before You LEAD

March 31, 5pm
Enable Others to Act


April 1, 4pm
Model the Way


April 1, 7pm
Challenge the Process


April 2, 3pm
Leadership and Passion


April 28, 4pm
Leadership Reception with Keynote Speaker Jenise Comer
Join the end of year Leadership Reception, get some free food, and hear keynote speaker Jenise Comer speak



FALL 2014:

August 19, 10am-3pm: Survival Packs
Kick of the semester with a survival pack. The LEAD series will be handing out goodie bags outside the Student Recreation & Wellness Center.

September 9, 2:00pm
Interpersonal Communication with Dr. Jack Rogers
Union 229

Interpersonal communication can enhance your business, social and personal life.


September 24, 6pm:
Networking Reception with Keira Mann

Union 240
Career Services Center; earn how to properly enter/exit a conversation, how to act at a reception and more!


October 7, 12pm:
Let’s Talk #UCMDiversity
Union Atrium
Leadership can be found all around the world. Join us and Let’s Talk about #UCMDiversity

October 22, 3:30pm:
Grabbing Leadership by the Balls
Union 235
Take advantage of the opportunities you have and learn to not be a pushover.


November 12, 6pm:
Alumni Reception
Union 236/38
Meet with Alumni in your area and get connected and learn how they can help you out.