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Let's Talk at UCM

Tuesday, Sept.1
12:30 p.m.
Union atrium

Bus Tour of Warrensburg

Warrensburg Bus Tour
4-7 p.m. - Wednesday, Sept. 2


8 p.m. - Saturday, September 5th
Student Recreation and Wellness Center, 167 A

MAD Bingo

8 p.m. - Saturday, September 12th
Student Recreation and Wellness Center

The Spotlight

The Spotlight





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The Spotlight is made up of UCM students who are dedicated to providing a variety of entertaining and exciting events to the students. Weekly events range from comedians and educational topics to inflatables and other games to unreleased movies.


The Spotlight offers something for every student part of UCM's diverse community. And did we forget to mention that all of Spotlight's events are FREE??



The Spotlight Office is located in the Office of Student Activities, Elliott Union 217. We can be reached at 660-543-4293.