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Student Activities

Elliott Union 217
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4007

Why should I help?

What is Volunteer Services?

Student Activites provides a variety of services and opportunities for students to become involved in and enhance their college experience.  Volunteer Services is available for students to match their skills and interest with the community.  It is a way for students to utilize their skills and talents to help others and give back to the community.

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Why become involved in Volunteer Services?

There are many reasons and benefits to becoming involved in volunteer services.  Students will utilize the volunteer service office to explore ways to continue their service work from past experiences.  They will participate in service areas that are related to academic topics. 

Students will enhance their leadership skills by doing service and it offers them a sense of accomplishment.  Some students will become involved in volunteer services when they are searching for service projects to involve their student organization in the community.  Volunteer Services also promotes a responsibility to "give back" to society and helps them achieve a lifetime commitment to service and helping others.

What Should Students Remember?

It is important to treat your volunteer service experience as an opportunity to grow and learn about life. It is the student's responsibility to find out what the service opportunity provider expects of a volunteer.  Always call if you are scheduled to volunteer and cannot make it. 

Keep in mind that you may be working with people who have completely different personalities and opinions than you.  Try to keep an open mind and communicate with the Volunteer Services coordinator if you have trouble communicating with the service agency.