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Innovative Public Relations provides hands-on experience at the University of Central Missouri
Accepting CEPR certification for the UCM PR program
Get involved in PRSSA
Student testimonial about public relations at UCM
Choose Red. Choose Public Relations at UCM.

In other news

 In an innovative move UCM moves the PR Program July 1 to the Harmon College of Business & Professional Studies.


The UCM PR Program earns CEPR accreditation from the Public Relations Society of America.


PR Program Newsletters (They're worth the read.)

UCM PR Newsletter Issue 7

Find Issue 7 here



Spring 2015 PR Program Newsletter

Thanks to McKenzie Robinson for editorial contributions


Spring 2014 PR Program Newsletter

UCM PR Newsletter Spring-Fall 2013


Spring/Fall 2013 PR Program Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2012 newsletter


Spring/Summer 2012 PR Program Newsletter

Fall 2011 PR newsletter

Fall 2011 PR Program Newsletter

Spring 2011 newsletter

Spring 2011 PR Program Newsletter