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Music at UCM: Application, Scholarships, and Auditions


Scholarship Auditions

Schedule today!

In-person, video, and Zoom auditions are welcome.


Follow these steps to apply to UCM Music:

  1. Apply for admission to UCM 
  2. Complete the Music Admission Form; includes information on scholarship and auditions
  3. To maximize your scholarship eligibility, we highly encourage you to complete the steps linked here.
  4. To help you prepare for your audition, please select the link below from your area of interest
  5. Click here for information about the Music Theory Placement, which will be administered at the time of your audition. Depending on your score, you will be placed in either Fundamentals of Music or Theory I. If you wish to enroll in MUS 1100: Fundamentals of Music, offered every semester, you are not required to take this assessment.
  6. If you are unsure of the applied instructor for your specific area, please feel free to email one of the area coordinators listed below with any additional questions:

For any additional information, please contact:

UCM Music Office:


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