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SFS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my balance satisfied if I have a Graduate Assistanceship?

Your Graduate Assistant contract will determine the benefits you receive. Please visit the Graduate Studies page for additional information.

What happens if I drop a class?

If you stop attending one or more of your classes after the 5th day of the semester, and officially cancel the class from your schedule, you’re considered to have withdrawn from the class. A refund of tuition/fees will be processed for you in accordance with the date you withdrew from the class and UCM’s tuition/fee refund policy. The class will remain on your schedule for the semester with a grade of W, WP, or WF.

If withdrawing from one or more classes results in you being enrolled less than full-time, adjustments normally will not have to be made to any financial assistance that has already credited to your UCM account. However, any types of assistance that require full-time enrollment, but have not yet been credited to your UCM account, will be canceled.

If your enrollment status changes to less than half-time, you'll forfeit any undisbursed Stafford (student) Loan or PLUS (parent) Loan payments, in addition to the adjustments described above. The Federal Direct Loan Servicing Center will automatically be notified that you're enrolled at UCM less than half-time, which can impact your federal loan repayment 'grace' period.

Please also be advised that if you stop attending (or otherwise participating in) one or more of the class(es) for which you've enrolled, you're defined as having withdrawn from the classes(es) as of the date you stop attending/participating (for purposes of determining if financial aid adjustments are required). Be sure to officially withdraw from any class you elect to stop pursuing. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for payment of a higher-than-necessary amount of tuition/fees and may receive a grade(s) of F.

Dropping Classes
Refund Deadlines for Dropped Classes
Withdrawing from UCM
Return of Title IV Aid and Additional Financial Aid Policies

Will I get a refund?

Please see the Refunds section on the  Payment Options page.

How do I set up direct deposit?

The student may set up direct deposit by logging into their MyCentral account and entering the UCM Payment Center via the link on Student then the Student Financial Services option. Once in the payment center, click on "Refunds" (top menu) or "Electronic Refunds" (under My Profile) to enter the routing and account number to either your checking or savings account.

Refer to the short guide to using the UCM Payment Center for instructions.

Who do I contact with questions about...?

Account Holds - contact information for any department that may place a hold
Account Holds - financial holds specific to student bills
Charges related to Housing or Meal Plans
Library fines
Parking fines/tickets
Parking passes

If a financial hold is placed on my records, how can I get the hold released?

The Account Holds section on the Payment Information page provides information regarding different types of holds placed by Student Financial Services. 

What can I do in the UCM Payment Center?

Read our short guide to using the UCM Payment Center to learn to set up direct deposit for refunds, find official billing statements, grant access to your payment center to another individual, and more.

Where do I get my tax document (1098-T) showing the amount paid for the tax year?

The 1098T is available electronically in the MyCentral UCM Payment Center (Statements section) by the end of January each calendar year. If you have not consented to electronic delivery, a paper copy will be mailed by the end of January. Step-by-step instructions are available to provide additional details, as well as the video tutorial below.

Get Your Tax Document (1098-T) Electronically


Want to know more about how the 1098-T calculations are made?  Watch the videos below:

Can I use the 1098-T when I file taxes?

Consult the 1098-T guidance from the IRS and/or your tax preparer.  You can also visit for more information about the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit options.

More 1098-T questions? 

Who do I contact with questions about my tax document (1098-T)?

Consult the 1098-T guidance from the IRS and/or your tax preparer. 

1098-T Step-by-Step Guide


How do I calculate the minimum payment amount?

If financial aid (defined as grants/scholarships/loans) does not pay the balance in full, payment of at least 20% of the original semester balance is due each month.  See "Payment Schedules" below for more information.

What if I lose my UCM scholarship due to ineligibility?


Certain UCM renewable scholarships may be reinstated. To be considered for reinstatement, earn the required grade-point average and maintain status as a full-time (at least 12 undergraduate credit hours ) UCM undergraduate student each semester. See reinstatement information under "Current Students" on the Scholarships page for more details.

Scholarship Reinstatement Request

Scholarship Reinstatement Request

I have indicated below which scholarship I received but failed to meet the renewal criteria. I believe I now meet the reinstatement criteria for this scholarship.
First and Last
Please place a check next to each renewable merit scholarship you previously received. To select multiple, use the CTRL key.


Payment Schedules

Fall and Spring

Fall and Spring Payment Schedule


Summer Payment Schedule





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