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Residence Hall Desk Expectations

The following are some expectations of all front desks in University Housing and are to be followed uniformly at all desks.

Front Desk Expectations
Office Assistant Responsibilities
Office Assistant Expectations
Beginning/Ending A Shift
Cash Box Responsibility
Change Run
Desk Appearance
Desk Services At Night
Duty Schedule
Emergency Procedures
Incident Report Use
Job Assignments
Job Ethic
Key Information
Mail Distribution Procedures
Campus Mail
Mail Forwarding Procedures
Office Decorum And Behavior
Opening/Closing of the Buildings
Performance Appraisal
Switching Duty
Telephone Problems
Telephone Procedures
Dates Payroll Approved
Instructions for Clocking In/Out
Time Sheets
Violation of Agreement

Front Desk Expectations

  • Desk is staff 24 hours day when halls are open. (Exception is Fraternity)
  • Office staff never leaves the desk unattended. (Exception is fire and tornado evacuations)
  • U.S. Mail:
    • Bagged and ready to go out by 10:00 AM each day.
    • Mail is sorted and distributed in mailboxes by 5:00 each day.
    • Mail is forwarded within 24 hours of its receipt
    • Forwarded U.S. mail is bundled together and in outgoing bag by 10 AM
    • If no forwarding address is known mail is returned to sender via US mail.
    • Campus mail is separated from U.S. mail and ready by 10AM each day.
  • CA staff only work required 3 hours/week at the desk, which does not go on their monthly timesheet. (Exception is Administrative Assistant work and emergency coverage provided)
  • Change and stamps are counted at the beginning of each shift. Shortage is the responsibility of the previous shift.
  • Change and stamps should be kept in a secure, protected location.
  • Residency of students’ receiving packages is verified before packages are signed for from delivery agent.
  • All packages and conduct letters are logged immediately on package log and package notification slips are completed and distributed.
  • Key cases remain locked.
  • Fireboard alarms are silenced and responded to immediately.
  • Desk computers are for office work and personal programs should not be on the computers.
  • Desk computers will be shut off 9 am – noon every day.
  • All student information is confidential and only used for official business.
  • Student information should be kept in a protected area.
  • When answering the phone professional complete greetings will be used. (Good Morning, Fitzgerald Hall, Joe speaking, How may I help you?)
  • Desk should be clean and orderly at all times.
  • Guests are not permitted behind the desk.
  • CA and RHD duty schedules should be accessible easily to desk staff.
  • Use of building supplies by residents should be logged and tracked.
  • All lockouts should be recorded for each student.
  • No Cell phone while at the desk
  • No TV watching during the hours of 6AM-Midnight.
  • No videos, on-line entertainment, i-pods during the hours of 6AM-Midnight

Office Assistant Responsibilities

The Office Assistant is responsible for the operation of the residence hall front desk for a specified period of time, and is directly supervised by a Residence Hall Director. The Office Assistant is a student with the University (enrolled as a full time student – 12 credit hours), lives in University Housing, and is not on probation with the University or University Housing and maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Provide prompt, friendly and excellent service to residents and guests.
  • To answer all incoming telephone calls (by third ring) in a courteous, professional/business manner. Personal phone calls should not be made or received at the front desk.
  • To be aware of all desk procedures, residence hall/University policies and procedures, and follow them accordingly. (Procedures and Expectation Quiz will be given and OA expected to score at least 80%)
  • To assume administrative duties as assigned by the Residence Hall Director, Assistant Director, or University Housing or their designees.
  • To confront any policy violations and document information appropriately on an Incident Report form.
  • To provide accurate information to students, faculty, staff and visitors about the University, the residence halls, and the services available to them.
  • Report to work on time.
  • To check out equipment, and supplies to students.
  • To be aware of emergency procedures and to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • To maintain a communication flow with staff members as needed.
  • If need to change work schedule, OA is responsible for making arrangements for shift change and informing supervisor.
  • To maintain a professional and efficient working environment.
  • To report maintenance needs timely and properly and follow up with maintenance concerns.
  • To be responsible for distribution of change and stamps appropriately and to complete the proper paperwork.
  • To be responsible for receiving, sorting and distribution of all U.S. and campus mail.
  • To dress appropriately for a work environment.
  • To share equally in the work schedule and follow all guidelines for work schedule.
  • To be familiar with the information in the residence hall guidebook and Student Calendar Handbook.
  • Follow all policies and procedures outlined in the Office Assistant Manual and the Desk Operations Manual and instruction given by supervisors.
  • Assume other duties as assigned by the Residence Hall Director, Assistant Director, or University Housing.

Office Assistant Expectations

  • Maintain a semester & cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above.
  • To be available to work a variety of hours at the front desk, weekends and special occasions (Easter Break, Labor Day weekend, October 3-day weekend, Martin Luther King 3-day weekend, etc.).
  • To be able to work the opening and closing of the hall in August, December, January, and May. Also when we close and open before and after break periods (Thanksgiving, Spring Break, etc.).
  • To attend all Office Assistant meetings and training.
  • Report to work on time. If unable to attend a shift you get coverage and inform your supervisor.
  • To maintain a positive attitude about the hall, staff, and University Housing.
  • To report for work promptly as scheduled or insure that another staff member will work for you if approved by the Residence Hall Director or Assistant Director.
  • Maintain positive role model behavior at all times on and off duty.
  • Be observant of the surroundings, noticing individuals entering and exiting the hall, sitting at the security desk during the appropriate times, doing rounds to secure doors and confront potential problems.
  • Express all concerns directly to your supervising Residence Hall Director. If you are dissatisfied with the response of your Residence Hall Director you can then speak to the Assistant Director.
  • Connect individuals with the proper resource on campus or giving them a phone number. Rather than misinform a visitor or student, refer them to someone who you know can help them.


  • Shoes are to be worn at all times along with neat, appropriate clothing.
  • Unacceptable attire includes patched or torn jeans, cut up t-shirts, bare midriff tops, bedroom attire (robes, slippers, curlers) and sloppy clothing.
  • Sunglasses are not to be worn while working at the front desk.

Beginning/ending a Shift

  • Arrive 10 minutes before you start your shift so you are actually ready to work when the shift begins.
  • Count the change and stamps with the staff member being relieved and record on the shift change form.
  • Check the staff on duty schedule to see who is on duty.
  • Consult with the staff for any special instructions or unusual incidents.
  • Check the work assignments or ask if there is work to be done.
  • If the change ends up short, you are expected to make up the difference.
  • Account for all packages via the Package Log.

Cash Box Responsibility

  • The limit on change is $3.00 per person.
  • Under no circumstance is money to be lent out of the cash box.
  • All discrepancies should be pointed out to the RHD.
  • If the cash box ends up short the OA working is required to make up the difference. Any overages must be turned in to the RHD.

Change Run

  • Take change to US Bank in Union on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • You must use the change run form.
  • All changes must be in rolls. You can get empty rolls from the bank.
  • Half dollars do not need to be in rolls.
  • You must wear University Housing name badge.

Desk Appearance

  • Everyone is expected to pitch in with clean-up (washing windows and counters, sweeping floors, emptying trash cans), and to pick up after themselves.
  • Equipment and paperwork should be filed away in the appropriate places.
  • Your suggestions on the organization of space and/or the renovation of the office area are most welcomed.

Desk Services at Night

  • OAs working the 12:00 midnight to 6:00 a.m. shift will make sure all front doors are locked (midnight) and unlocked (6:00 a.m.). The need for additional rounds will be determined by the RHD.

Work Schedule

  • Once the schedule is established, the OA on the schedule is responsible for that shift.
  • You are expected to remain at the desk until relief arrives or a replacement can be found.
  • If a replacement does not show up, call to see if anyone can work the shift. If no one can work the shift, call the Residence Hall Director.
  • At no time should the office be left unsecured.

Emergency Procedures

  • In emergency situations call 911. Examples which would require 911 include:
    • Fire or Smoke in the Hall.
    • Medical Emergency…Victim is Unconscious, Not Breathing, etc.
    • Crime in PROGRESS….Fight or Assault, A weapon, Stealing, Vandalism, Drugs (other than alcohol), anytime you think someone is in danger of being hurt.
  • After calling 911, call the staff on duty.
  • In non-emergency cases, call the appropriate housing staff member first.

Specific Emergencies

  • Fire: At all times, first report fire to Public Safety by calling 911, then report to the RHD on duty.
  • Medical: If someone is injured or ill, contact the RHD or other staff member, who will contact Public Safety.
  • Weather: (usually Tornado)….If a tornado has been sighted (warning), you will be notified by the sounding of the city sirens. Secure the office area (lock up) and evacuate to the shelter area.
  • Maintenance: Between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. you should contact the Physical Plant at 4740. After 5:00 p.m. the OA should contact the staff on duty. All emergencies should be verified by a staff member before calling it in. The following problems are considered to be maintenance emergencies:
    • lack of electricity in a room/hall (other than a fuse box problem)
    • lack of access to a student room due to a lock problem
    • lack of water in a bathroom
    • flooding caused by a broken pipe, a toilet that won’t stop flushing, or a faucet that will not shut off.


You may be asked to run an errand to another office on campus (change runs). You will be paid for the time it takes you to complete the errand. Please remember you are an ambassador from your hall and your behavior is a reflection of University Housing.

Incident Report Use

The incident report is used to document situations that occur in the halls. All incident reports must be completed by CAs.

Job Assignments

After you count the change, stamps and get directions/information from the staff member you are relieving, you should automatically check the work area for projects to be completed. When you complete the work and can find no other office project to start, studying will be permitted.

Job Ethic

A strong work ethic implies that you do just that, WORK…earn the money that you receive from your job by fulfilling your job responsibilities thoroughly and to the best of your abilities.  Keep in mind that the Office Assistant position is a job.  You are not being paid to study.  Tasks are not to be “saved” for the next shift but they may carry over from one shift to another.

Key Information

Key Box
  • The keys should be kept secured in the key box with the door closed and locked, and the key to the box secured.
  • Only the CA/RHD should have access to the key box.
  • Staff members should follow the same check-out procedures as any other resident.  At no time should the CA need both keys to their room.  Staff abuse of keys should be reported to the RHD

Mail Distribution Procedures

Mail Pick Up
  • Before the federal mail is picked up each day, the mail should be sorted (to remove any campus mail) and bagged by 10:00 am Monday through Saturday.
  • Any mail forwarded should be bundled via rubber band and then in out going mail bag by 10:00 a.m.

Distributing Mail
  • Check the address carefully and put the mail in the proper mail box.  If there is a question, check the printout, space charts, inventory card, etc.
  • Mail is not to be removed by the OA to hand over the counter, unless the mail box is broken (needs to be reported) or special arrangements have been made with the RHD.
Damaged Mail
  • Any damaged/open mail that is delivered should be documented on an incident report.  A copy of the incident report should be given to the student.  Ask the student for the damaged envelope after they open it and attach it to the IR.
Chain Letters
  • If you suspect chain letters are being delivered contact your RHD

Campus Mail

  • Campus mail should be handled the same as US Mail in terms of delivery and confidentiality.
  • Hawkins Hall, Central Village and Greenwood Park are not serviceable through campus mail. A stamped envelope is required.
  • Campus mail will be picked up and distributed according to the following approximate schedule:
    1:25 p.m. University Housing/Ellis-Diemer
    1:35 p.m. Conference Center
    1:45 p.m. Foster/Knox
    1:55 p.m. Panhellenic/Fraternity
    2:00 p.m. Yeater/Todd
    2:05 p.m. South Yeater
    2:10 p.m. Fitzgerald
    2:15 p.m. Nattinger/Bradshaw
    2:20 p.m. Houts/Hosey/Nickerson

Mail Forwarding Procedures

First Class:
All first class mail gets forwarded.
• Look up address in appropriate box. If not there, look at the large computer print out. If you find their address on the print out, create a forwarding address card for them.
• Write “Forward To” and the new address.
• Always cross out the Warrensburg zip code and the bar code.
• Place in outgoing mail bag.
• Bundle all out going forwarded mail.
• If you can’t find their address anywhere, cross out the address and write “ANK” on the envelope. This stands for “attempted not known”.

Bulk Rate and Third Class Mail, Including Magazines:
• If it says “Forwarding Address” or “Address Correction” then we must forward it. Remember to cross out the bar code and zip code.
• If it says “Bulk Rate” and doesn’t say anything else, as mentioned above, toss it.
• It doesn’t matter whether the student said they would pay the charges or not as indicated on their forwarding address card.
• Cross out the Warrensburg zip code and the bar code.
• We forward magazines all year. There is no expiration date.

Book Clubs and Music Clubs:
• The company will pay for the return of the merchandise.
• Mark return to sender and place in outgoing mail. Remember to cross out the bar code and zip code.
• If mail says “Return Postage Guaranteed”, write return to sender and place in outgoing mail bag.

• Forwarded unless they have the bulk mail stamp.


The Maintenance system at Central is truly student driven. In order for repair work to be done: the student only has to call #4740 or a housing staff member generates a maintenance request.

Office Decorum and Behavior

The front desk office is a place of business and should be conducted in that fashion. Behavior inconsistent with a business-like atmosphere will not be tolerated. Please keep the following things in mind:

  • Only the OA on duty is allowed behind the front desk. The exceptions are professional staff and University Housing staff who have business to conduct in the office.
  • Game playing (cards, board games, etc.) behind the front desk does not give the image of a business-like or secure operation.
  • Visitors are not permitted behind the desk nor should they loiter by the window. This includes friends and off duty co-workers.
  • Personal calls are not permitted.
  • Beverages are allowed in the office.
  • Do not prop feet on the desk/counter.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • TV watching is not allowed.

Opening/Closing of the Buildings

At the beginning of each semester, you are expected to assist with the opening of the hall. At the end of each semester, you are expected to assist with the closing of the hall. Your work schedule is set early, so plan ahead on your transportation arrangements for the end of each semester. The opening and closing dates are:

Opening/Closing Dates:

Fall Semester – 2009
*August 14, 10:00 a.m. (Friday) – Front Desk Officially Open
*August 16, 8:00 a.m. (Sunday) – Residence Halls Officially Open
*November 20, 6:00 p.m. (Friday) – Residence Halls Close for Thanksgiving
*November 29, 12:00 noon (Sunday) – Residence Halls Open
*December 11, 6:00 p.m. (Friday) – Residence Halls Close for semester break

Spring Semester – 2010
*January 10, 8:00 a.m. (Sunday) – Residence Halls Open
(Front Desk open at 7:30 a.m.)
*March 12, 6:00 p.m. (Friday) – Residence Halls Close for spring break
*March 21, 12:00 noon (Sunday) – Residence Halls Open
*May 7, 6:00 p.m. (Friday) – Residence Halls Close for summer break


All employees are required to have direct deposit. You will receive your pay stub semi-monthly. Pay periods are the 1st -15th and the 16th- End of month for each month.

Performance Appraisal

Office Assistants will be evaluated during the academic year. The process includes an opportunity for both self evaluation and supervisor evaluation.


  • Approval for solicitation in the halls must be obtained from the Director of University Housing.
  • The front desk will be notified, if any approval has been given.
  • Solicitation is restricted to main lounges or public areas and prohibited on a door to door basis or anywhere on the floors.
  • Sliding information under doors is prohibited.
  • Promotional materials may be left at the front desks with the approval of University Housing. Any alcohol related material cannot be publicized in any form.
  • Mailboxes can not be stuffed with promotional material unless they are addressed with the hall/room number and “occupant” or student’s name. Exception to this would be for a hall/USHA activity.


Stamps are numbered to help you count at the beginning and ending of each shift. Discrepancies are the responsibility of the OA who worked the shift.

Switching Duty

  • Shift changes are to be made to the Residence Hall Director at least 48 hours prior to the shift in question. ALL shift changes must be approved by the RHD.
  • Contact a fellow staff member to cover your hours at the desk.
  • A duty change should not be just a “verbal agreement.” If the Duty Change has not been approved and documented properly, the OA on the Master Schedule will be the individual responsible for the shift.
  • OAs are reminded that switching duty can impact on their total hours, and that the total hours cannot exceed 20 hours per week.

Telephone Problems

  • Students provide their own telephone.
  • If the problem is with the phone line, then it should be called in to the Office of Telecommunication.
  • If a service call is made and the problem is with the students phone instrument there will be a $10.00 service charge assessed to the student.

Telephone Procedures

  • Answer calls by the third ring stating “Good morning, Hosey Hall, this is Mary. How can I help you?.”
  • Do not use acronyms/shorten terms when on the phone (i.e. Natt/Brad, Fitz, OA, etc.).
  • Do not transfer calls to student rooms.
  • Only give out a residents phone number to those who know the residents first and last name.
  • Under no circumstances should you give out a student’s room number or student ID number to a non-university official.
  • Some students have requested that their phone number not be given out. This will be indicated on your phone roster.
  • Collect calls should not be accepted at the desk.
  • Residents are not allowed to use the desk phone for their calls (unless it is an emergency).

Dates Payroll will be Approved

Monday, August 17, 2009
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Thursday, October 1, 2009
Friday, October 16, 2009
Monday, November 2, 2009
Monday, November 16, 2009
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Monday, December 14, 2009
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Monday, February 1, 2010
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Monday, March 1, 2010
Monday, March 15, 2010
Thursday, April 1, 2010
Friday, April 16, 2010
Friday, May 1, 2010
Monday, May 10, 2010

Instructions for Logging Time as Office Assistant

Go to Internet Explorer

Enter http://iceland/wfc/logon

Must be in Central Domain (NOT CentralB)

1) Enter User ID (user ID is your 700 #)

2) Enter Password: First time password is changeme
Must change your password

3) Click Login

4) Click Time Stamp

Follow these steps at beginning and end of every shift!

Time Sheets

  • Daily time sheets are done via computer for you to fill out at the beginning and end of each shift.
  • Use a.m. and p.m. when recording the time at every shift.
  • If your shift involves hours from two different days (i.e. 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM) you must list your hours on both days involved.
  • At the end of each pay period the Hall Director will review your time sheet which you will need to sign in order to be paid.
  • Falsifying your time sheet in any way will result in immediate termination.
  • Due to the nature of the Office Assistant position and Federal Guidelines, OA’s can work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • OA’s should monitor their hours, and if they approach the 20hour maximum, they should notify their supervisor immediately to arrange a substitute so as not to go over hours.
  • OA’s should take special care when substituting for other staff members to make sure they do not get too many hours.


  • There will be extensive training for the position before the halls open for the Fall Semester.
  • Ongoing inservices/meetings will occur throughout the year to deal with issues as they arise.
  • All OA’s are expected to be at the inservices. Time conflicts with the August Opening training must be appealed in writing to the Director of Residence Life. Time conflicts with other staff meetings must be directed to the RHD.
  • New hires after the halls open will receive 2 hours of on-the-job training, with pay, behind the front desk with the Residence Hall Director prior to working a shift alone.
  • The OA will receive a maximum of one hour per month for staff meetings.

Violation of Agreement

Any time a staff member’s behavior violates a term of their agreement, they have placed themselves in a position to lose their job. Once an agreement violation or allegation of such is brought to the attention of University Housing, the supervising Residence Hall Director will meet with the employee and determine the consequences which may include:

  • A letter of warning, a copy of which will be placed in the OA’s employment file.
  • Probation for a specific period of time.
  • Termination.

A chart has been provided as a guide to help the staff understand the consequences for agreement violations. Extenuating circumstances may vary the response (i.e. severity of violation/current status with University Housing). This guide is by no means an all-inclusive list.

Action Emplyment Consequences
Alcohol policy violation/Performing job under influence of alcohol or other drugs Termination
Alcohol at staff functions Termination
Misinformation to University Official Probation to termination
Failing to confront/repond or document a violation of policy Warning to termination
Missing shifts, staff meeting, inservice training Warning - Probabtion
Failing to earn a 2.00 GPA (semester) Probation/termination
Failing to earn a 2.00 GPA (cumulative) Termination
Dropping below 6 credit hours Probation to termination
Unauthorized use of University keys Termination
Mishandling mail/packages Termination/Possible Restitution
Failure to complete administrative work

First time: warning to probation
Second time: Probation to termination

Misuse of University keys Termination/Keep for replacement of lock door ($55)
Change missing from box Probation to termination/Replacement of money
Sleeping on duty Termination
Late for duty shift First time: warning
Second time: Probation to termination
Unauthorized access of desk area Probation to termination
Failure to serve as a positive representative of University Housing Employees who are not enjoying their work are encouraged to discuss their frustrations with their supervisor. Continued negative attitudes will result in dismissal.
Falsifying time sheet Termination
Failure to follow directives Probation to termination
Personal use of computer or other University equipment Warning to termination
Switching duty without authorization Warning to termination
Working more than 20 hours a week or 80 hours a month Termination
  • Violations of student conduct policies will effect your employment status.
  • Behavioral agreements often accompany letters of warning or probation. They are
    designed to help measure the employee’s progress in a particular area.

Appeal Process

Employees appealing a personnel decision of their supervisor should do so by writing a letter explaining their request for the appeal within five class days after the decision. Address your appeal to the Associate Director of University Housing.