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Housing Forms and Resources


To apply for housing including for the spring semester or next academic year please visit our Apply for Housing page! 


2019-2020 Meal Plan Agreement

Request for Exemption from UCM's Residency Requirement Form

Gender Inclusive Housing

Commitment to Inclusion 


University Housing at the University of Central Missouri is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students residing in the residence halls.  Part of the commitment is providing gender inclusive housing options for students who identify as transgender, gender-nonconforming, and their allies. Gender Inclusive Housing furthers UCM’s non-discrimination policy in regards to gender identity and/or expression.  

What is Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) and what is the purpose?

UCM Housing understands and recognizes that same-sex room assignments are not ideal for all students.  Students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming may feel more comfortable living with another sex or gender, or do not wish to prescribe to gender norms.  UCM Housing provides GIH to have an environment that is welcoming and embracing of all gender identities as well as those students serving as allies to the LGBTQI Community.  Through this process, students who opt in to GIH are permitted to have roommates and suitemates regardless of gender identity.

Where is Gender Inclusive Housing Located on Campus?

Assignments will be made based on student preference and availability.

Do you have an interest in GIH?  This includes…

  • You feel more comfortable living with someone who does not identify as the same gender as you
  • You would like to live with a family member or friend who does not identify as the same gender as you
  • You identify as gender queer, transgender or a non-binary identity
  • You have a medical need for an aid to live with you who may not identify as the same gender as you
  • You support and are comfortable living in a gender diverse space.  For example with persons whose gender identity & expression may be across the spectrum and might be fluid? (i.e. transgender students in transition, students who transgress gender and do not conform to gender "norms" or identity, etc.).

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) Application

As on record with the University
As on record with the university
Your 700#
If you do not have your UCMO email address please provide personal email in next prompt
Preferred phone number to contact if needed for follow up
Example: Fitzgerald 325
Please respond to the questions below to the best of your ability, providing as much information that will help us in assisting and supporting you
As listed on legal documetation
How you personally identify in regard to gender expression


Wash Alert (Laundry Notifications)

Know the Status of Machines and Availability Instantly!


You now have the ability to check the status of your laundry or check for available washers and dryers via your cell phone or computer.

Just click on your link below to find your building.   You’ll be able to check the status of every machine in the room. You can even have the system email/text you when a machine is close to the end of a cycle or when your laundry is done! 

Wash Alert

Housing Appeal Form

University Housing Appeal Form

If this is your second appeal for this charge, this appeal will go to an appeals board and the decision will be based solely on your written material.
Please note that for current students, correspondence will ONLY be sent to your student email address.
This is the number which we will use to contact you if you wish to discuss your appeal over the phone.
Please provide specific context and information
How would you prefer your appeal decision to be determined?

Housing Cancellation Form

Housing Cancellation Form

UCM Housing Cancellation - Note that there are penalties involved with breaking your housing agreement. Please refer to section #8 in Terms of Agreement for details. Your deposit is only refunded in accordance with the terms.
provide today's date
Please provide your ucmo email address if a current student
Check ALL semesters that apply. Please see contract for possible cancellation penalties.
This is the date you are leaving your room/apartment. Please be sure to properly check out with staff.
Loft Rentals or Fridges rented from USHA need to be returned prior to leaving campus.

Online Dining Dollars Purchase

Students may make additional deposits to their spending account in increments of $50 Dining Dollars (dining dollars can only be used on campus).  Please see our pricing information page for the amount of dining dollars that may be spent off campus on base plans.

  1. Go to your MyCentral account

  2. Sign in with your 700 number in the upper left-hand corner

  3. Once in your MyCentral account, click the "Records and Registration" tab under the Student "dropdown"

  4. Click the "Get Dining Dollars " link under the "Housing" section

  5. Purchase using a credit card

University Housing Policies

The document below provides an overview of University Housing policies.

UCM Housing Policy Guide

Please review the Guide for Good Decision Making for all UCM policies.

UCM Guide to Good Decision Making

Students are expected to be aware of and follow policies at all times.

Roommate Agreement

Cable Channel Listing

Submit Work Order/Maintenance Request

You may submit a work order/maintenance request below or via MyCentral!

Click Here to Directly Submit Maintenance Request!


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