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Living on campus at UCM is the full college experience
Dining Dollars are accepted at select local restaurants.


Student talking about living on campus.

What is your favorite building?
I never lived there, but Ellis is my favorite. It has the best location – it’s right next to the Student Rec. Center and classes, and the dining hall is in the same building. 

Why did you decide to stay on campus?
I wanted to continue living close to my friends. Instead of getting an apartment and driving to school everyday, I could walk just a few minutes to anywhere on campus. I’m really involved so being on campus is a necessity. 

How has living on campus helped you as a student?
It helps me maintain my involvement. If I lived off campus and had to drive to campus, I probably wouldn’t be as involved.  It’s also been easier to get in contact with professors for class. It is very convenient.

Favorite program:
Taco nights and ice cream socials in Bradshaw, Greek Week

Favorite part about living on campus:
Not being at home. It’s a different experience…You have more freedom. You get to decide what time you wake up in the morning and you set your own schedule. You get to decide whether you have clean or dirty room. The extra freedom is great.

What buildings have you lived in and why did you choose those buildings?
Bradshaw and the Fraternity Complex because I wanted to be surrounded by my friends every day. It’s great hanging out and having people you know around all the time.

What is your best memory of living on campus? 
Slip and slide at the complex.

What are some of the benefits of living on campus?
It’s convenient. You get to meet more people.  It is easier to be more involved because you are so close. You also don’t have to drive to get to classes every day. It really adds to the college experience.

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