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Living on campus at UCM is the full college experience
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Student talking about living on campus.

What is your favorite building?
My favorite building is Hosey Hall.  I love the environment.  There’s a great balance between time to study and time for activities. I’ve Houts is my favorite hall because it is really quiet and you can focus on your studies but there are still a lot of great things to do.  You really form strong connections with the people here.

Why did you decide to stay on campus?
It’s really convenient!  You can get to all of your classes quickly, the dining centers are close, and there are so many events.  It’s nice to be here in the center of everything.

How has living on campus helped you as a student?
It helps me stay more focused on my studies.  There are quiet places to study like the lounges and the WCRL where you can study.  There are so many resources here like in the computer labs where you can print things or use the computers.   The library is close too, which is really nice.  I don’t think I would be as likely to use all of the resources if I lived off campus.

Favorite program:
Pajama Jam

Favorite part about living on campus:
I love being so close to everything on campus and the convenience.  There is also the community around you.  It’s really great to just be able to walk out into the hall and have somebody there anytime you want to do something or talk.

What buildings have you lived in and why did you choose those buildings?
Houts – I chose to live in Houts because it was the honors hall.  I stayed in Houts because I met all my friends there and we wanted to stay together.  It’s also quiet.

Foster Knox-  I liked the apartments because they’re still on campus but it gives me a little more space.  It also gives me the opportunity to cook, which I’m really excited for.

What is your best memory of living on campus? 
My best memory of living on campus was during the 2011 snow storm when school was closed for a few days.  We all hung out in the lounges for a few days and got really close with everyone on the floor.

What are some of the benefits of living on campus?
Definitely the convenience of living on campus!  You’re close to your classes, the dining hall, and being able to meet a lot of people.  It’s also a great way to get involved with all of the programs that are hosted in the halls.

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