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Living on campus at UCM is the full college experience
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Student talking about living on campus.

What is your favorite building?
I would say my favorite building is Utt. I spend a lot of time in there. It has everything I need. I can keep my violin in there and I can practice there.

Why did you decide to stay on campus?
I decided to stay on campus because it’s conveniently located.  I can walk everywhere.  I also don’t have to pay for apartment rent.

How has living on campus helped you as a student?
It’s basically a reason to go practice. I can’t say that I’m not by the building I need to be at.  It’s just a t 10 minute walk from where we are.  I have no excuse not to practice.  Also, I can go to the library whenever I need to.

Favorite program:
Pie your CA

Favorite part about living on campus:
My favorite part about living on campus is that I’m really close to all of my friends.  We can just call each other and hang out anytime.

What buildings have you lived in and why did you choose those buildings?
UCC- I’m choosing to live in the UCC because its two minutes away from my classrooms.  All of my music friends are going to be there and there are just going to be a lot of people that I know.

What is your best memory of living on campus? 
My best memory of living on campus would have to be the Spotlight events with dating coaches and trivia and wings night.

What are some of the benefits of living on campus?
Living on campus is great because you’re friends are right there next to you and you don’t have to walk that far to classes.  It’s convenient.  Everything you need is on campus.

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