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Living on campus at UCM is the full college experience
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Student talking about living on campus.

What is your favorite building?
Hosey & Fitz - it has been a great experience because it is so diverse.  

Why did you decide to stay on campus?
It is more efficient and easier.  I have classes throughout the day, so it would be more difficult to commute or have to stay in the Union all day.  It makes everything a lot easier.

How has living on campus helped you as a student?
It has been a good way to branch out and get to know other people.  A lot of the people I met in the halls I wouldn’t have necessarily met them outside of the residence halls.  Living on campus has made me branch out and meet a lot of people.  It has also made me more responsible because I have had to take care of myself.

Favorite program:
Pajama Jam and Sex in the Dark

Favorite part about living on campus:
I met my best friend on campus.  She was my roommate, so that has made living on campus terrific.  Meeting a lot of new people has be great too and working with a lot of great people through being a community advisor.

What buildings have you lived in and why did you choose those buildings?
I’ve lived in Hosey and Fitz.  Hosey was great, I’m not in the honors college, but it was still a good choice for me because I wanted to be in a good environment for my first year of college.  The idea of living with other students that had the same goals as I did really intrigued me.  Everyone I talked to talked highly about Houts/Hosey.

What is your best memory of living on campus? 
Definitely meeting my best friend was a great memory.  Just the people in general and all the different programs we have in the halls have been a lot of fun.  I have a good memory from just about every one of them.

What are some of the benefits of living on campus?
You’re less than a 10 minute walk from your classes.  It is really convenient!  As a freshman, a lot of students live on campus, so it’s a good way to meet new people.  Having classmates close by is a huge benefit of living on campus too.

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