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Housing Forms and Resources


Housing/Meal Plan Cancellation Form

Note that this form is to cancel an existing housing agreement or meal plan agreement.  If you are appealing charges or having a required agreement, please use appeals form found below.

Understand that there may be large financial implications for canceling your housing agreement mid-year or based on any criteria for approval.  If you are not sure if your cancellation subjects you to any penalties, please email us at and we will happily clarify!






Housing/Meal Plan Cancellation Form

UCM Housing and Meal Plan Cancellation - Note that there are penalties involved with breaking your housing agreement. Please refer to section #8 in Terms of Agreement for details. Your deposit is only refunded in accordance with the terms.
provide today's date
Please provide your ucmo email address if a current student
Skip if you are NOT currently assigned to a specific space
Select All that Apply
Check All That Apply
Check ALL semesters that apply. Please see contract for possible cancellation penalties.
This is the date you are leaving your room/apartment. Please be sure to properly check out with staff. Skip if you are not cancelling your housing.
Loft Rentals or Fridges rented from USHA need to be returned prior to leaving campus. This is ONLY if you rented a loft or fridge from UCM.
Please be as detailed as possible
If you are not sure if your cancellation meets approved criteria, please email us at to your confirmation email and we will happily assist.

Housing Appeal Form

Note that this form is for appealing charges related to housing or meal plans.
This is NOT for cancelling a housing agreement, application or meal plan.  See above.


University Housing Appeal Form

If this is your second appeal for this charge, this appeal will go to an appeals board and the decision will be based solely on your written material.
Please note that for current students, correspondence will ONLY be sent to your student email address.
This is the number which we will use to contact you if you wish to discuss your appeal over the phone.
Please provide specific context and information
How would you prefer your appeal decision to be determined?


Sign up for Break Housing (Fall, Winter, or Spring Break)

Please make sure you are choosing the right break period!


Fall Break

Click Here Sign Up for Fall Break Housing


Apartments do NOT have to sign up - Apartment residents are free to come and go as needed during breaks.


Winter Break

Click HERE for Semester/Winter Break Housing Request


Apartments do NOT have to sign up - Apartment residents are free to come and go as needed during breaks.


Spring Break

Click HERE for Spring Break Housing Request Form


Apartments do NOT have to sign up - Apartment residents are free to come and go as needed during breaks.

2023-2024 Meal Plan Agreement

Download Meal Plan Agreement

We encourage to completed this via MyCentral rather print and mail.  This is available to complete instantly via MyCentral (Under Student Records and Registration) 


Request for Exemption from UCM's Residency Requirement Form

Traditional Students:

Living on campus helps you meet new people, get involved in activities and can boost your GPA. For these reasons and more, UCM requires all students to reside on campus for the first two years and be on specific meal plans unless they meet established criteria:
• 21 years of age or older
• Married
• More than 60 UCM-accepted credit hours (48 hours for new transfer students)
• Commute from home while living with a parent, grandparent, or court ordered legal guardian permanently (within 65 mile driving distance as further listed on the exemption form).


Please see other criteria listed on the General Exemption Form


Transfer Students:

UCM requires transfer students who have less than 48 UCM accepted credit hours to reside on campus (unless they are 21 years of age or older OR meet other exemption criteria listed on the general exemption form).

Transfer students may apply for exemption if they have 48 or more UCM accepted hours or have a granted associate's degree awarded to them.  

Transfers students who are exempt due to having 48 credit hours MUST reach 60 hours or 21 years of age by the following semester after being exempt, or they will be required to reside  on campus due to the standard 60 hour requirement for general UCM students.


Students filing for exemption two weeks into the semester for which they are requesting exemption will be billed a processing fee of $50.

Request for Exemption Forms (please download the correct form)


See the section below for 2023-2024 forms (for use only for 2023-2024 academic year)

To request a copy of the 2022/2023 exemption form, please email and request that form. 











2023-2024 Commuting Exemption Form


This is the proper form for those requesting for exemption based on actively/permanently residing with parents/grandparents/legal guardians within 65 miles.  

  • The first page provides full instructions and all additional required documents

    • Note that proof of address now required for parents/grandparents/legal guardians (change from previous years)

  • The second page (fillable PDF) must be filled in completely.  

    The form must be signed and dated by student AND parent/grandparent/legal guardian as well as signed/stamped by a notary.  

Download the 2023-2024 Commuter Exemption Form



2023-2024 General Exemption Request (Non-commuting)

See above for the commuter form

  • This is the general request form and not for those who are requesting exemption based on living with parent/grandparent/legal guardian within 65 miles (see above)

  • Students must submit general request form (fillable PDF) based on the qualifying exemption criteria listed and email it for review.  If you feel you meet other possible criteria, please email to inquire. 

Download the 2023-2024 General Exemption Request Form (Non-Commuter)



2023-2024 Off-Campus Fraternity Chapter House Exemption Request Form


  • This form is just for approved off-campus fraternity chapter houses per the Memorandum of Understanding between approved chapters and the University of Central Missouri.  

  • The second page (fillable PDF) must be filled in completely.  

    The form must be signed and dated by student AND parent/grandparent/legal guardian as well as signed/stamped by a notary.  

Download the 2023/2024 Off-Campus Fraternity Exemption Form





Check Your Dining Dollar Balance

Know your dining dollar balance

Click below to check dining dollar balance.  This does not track swipes, but just dining dollar and Central Cash for current term.

Use the drop down menu to selection if a student user or faculty/staff.


Check Dining Dollar Balance


Update Your Apt/Room Condition Inventory

Find an issue with your room within one week of move-in and want to report it on your inventory?

Housing gives you the option to update your condition inventory within one week of move-in for issues/damages you may have missed.

Submissions submitted after one week of moving in including room changes with not be accepted.

Update Your Condition Inventory

Check Laundry Machine Availability by Building

Follow instructions below on downloading the app to track laundry machine availability 


Laundry Tracking

Laundry Machine Instructions and Reporting Issues

Washing Machine Instructions & Tips:

See PDF Instructions here or as seen below:

Dryer Instructor and Tips

See PDF Instructions here or as seen below:


Report Machine Problems
See PDF Instructions here or as seen below:


Reporting Laundry Issues


Register Device on WiFi Network

Devices such as phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. do not need to register with network.  Rather, they can login into the network using direct network ID and password.  

To register devices such as gaming systems and video streaming devices please visit the link below:

Register Devices Here


If you are experiencing issues, please contact the Technology Support Center:

Online Dining Dollars Purchase

Students may make additional deposits to their spending account in increments of $50 Dining Dollars (dining dollars can only be used on campus).  Please see our pricing information page for the amount of dining dollars that may be spent off campus on base plans.

  1. Go to your MyCentral account

  2. Sign in with your 700 number in the upper left-hand corner

  3. Once in your MyCentral account, click the "Records and Registration" tab under the Student "drop-down"

  4. Click the "Get Dining Dollars " link under the "Housing" section

  5. Purchase using a credit card

University Housing Policies



UCM Student Handbook (Guide to Good Decision Making)

Students are expected to be aware of and follow policies at all times.

Housing policies begin on page 30

Roommate Agreement

Submit Work Order/Maintenance Request

You may submit a work order/maintenance request below or via MyCentral!


Click Here for Instructions on How to Submit Work Order!



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