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Housing Staff


The staff in the Office of University Housing will help you with meal plan selection, room selection, room changes, and questions regarding fees for housing and meals.  The office has both full-time support staff and professional staff ready to help. 

University Housing is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (7:30 am - 4:30 pm during the summer), and is located in Ellis Hall L23.

You may contact University Housing by phone  or via email.

University Housing Professional and Support Staff 



Dr. Brenda Moeder

Senior Director of University Housing 
Ellis Complex, L23
(660) 543-4515


Alan Nordyke

Director  of Residence/Greek Life
Ellis Complex, L23
(660) 543-4515


Jay Hicks

Director of Business Operations & Residential Leadership
Ellis Complex, L23
(660) 543-4515


Dan Duhamell 

Assistant Director for Residence Life
Area:  Houts, Hosey, Todd/S. Todd, and Foster-Knox
Panhellenic 003
(660) 543-8121


John Slobaszewski

Assistant Director of Residence Life
Area:  Ellis Complex and South Yeater Hall
Ellis Complex, L23
(660) 543-4515


Jessie Stinson

Assistant Director of Residence & Fraternity/Sorority Life
Area:  Fitzgerald and Panhellenic Halls
Panhellenic 003
(660) 543-8121


Lizz Bishop

Assistant Director of Residence Life & Residential Leadership
Area: The Crossing, Greenwood Park , and Central Village
The Crossing 131
(660) 543-4444


Wendy Finkes

University Housing Accountant
Ellis L23
(660) 543-4515


Jodi Loggins

Administrative Assistant to Director of Residence & Greek Life
Ellis Complex, L23
(660) 543-4515


Barbara Fulcher

Office Professional; Operations and Agreements for Greek Life & Apartments
Ellis Complex, L23
(660) 543-4515


Shelly Keys

Operations and Agreements Assistant for residence halls
Ellis Complex, L23
(660) 543-4515


Candis Edington

Office Professional/Administrative Assistant to Assistant Directors
Panhellenic 003
(660) 543-8121



University Housing Residence Hall Staff

Please note that Residence Hall Directors do not staff the halls during the summer.  From the last day of finals for spring semester until first day of fall classes, please call our main housing office for information:  (660) 543-4515.



Quinton Dickerson

Assistant Residence Hall Director
East Ellis
Ground East Ellis, 047
(660) 543-4726 (East Ellis)


Madison McGinnis

Assistant Residence Hall Director
Fitzgerald Hall & Panhellenic Hall
Office Locations:  Fitzgerald Lobby & Panhellenic
Fitzgerald:  (660) 543-6089 Panhellenic:  (660) 543-8121


Urja Doshi

Assistant Residence Hall Director
Foster Knox
Office Location:  Foster-Knox Lobby
(660) 543-8966


Callie Ummel

Residence Hall Director/GA for Fraternity/Sorority Life
Office Location:  Hosey 1st Floor Lounge
(660) 543-4212


Faith Richardson

Assistant Residence Hall Director
Nickerson Hall & Todd Apartments
Office Location:  Nickerson Lobby
(660) 543-6063

Simbiat Atinuke Lawal  

Residence Hall Director
North Ellis Hall
North Ellis 113
(660) 543-6067


Adam Decker

Assistant Residence Hall Director
South Ellis Hall
South Ellis 113
(660) 543-6042 


Muna Abdella-Hazak

Residence Hall Director
South Yeater Hall
Office Location:  South Yeater Lobby
(660) 543-6010


Zoey Jordan

Assistant Residence Hall Director
The Crossing
The Crossing 2nd floor Community Room Office
(660) 543-4489

Learn more about our in-hall housing staff positions:

Housing Job Opportunities

Residence Hall Director (RHD)

RHDs are graduate students pursuing their degree in College Student Personnel Administration, which means they plan to continue working with students as their career.  The RHD lives and/or has an office in your building, so they are very accessible to you. Duties and ways RHDs serve their communities: 

  • They supervise the CA staff and the other student staff in the building.
  • RHDs advise the Hall Council of the building and are very involved in helping your building develop a strong sense of community.
  • Their role is to help the CA staff meet your needs and to help ensure the building is well maintained.
  • An RHD is the second person to go to for any issues and challenges you have and any building maintenance problems, after your CA/ACA.

RHDs are also conduct officers, which means if you experience a behavioral challenge you will meet with them to discuss how to prevent poor choices from harming your success.

Please stop by your RHD's office to say hello or if you have questions/need assistance.  Most RHD offices are located in the lobby of the residence halls.  Each RHD's office hours are posted on their door each week.

Community Advisor (CA)


Find the CA application available at

Apartment Community Assistant (ACA)

This position exists to provide leadership in developing community among the residents living in UCM on-campus apartments. ACAs will develop community by assisting with communication between residents and University Housing, assisting with conflict resolution among neighbors/roommates, facilitating programs during the year, and being available to residents. ACAs also have administrative responsibilities such as responding to emergency situations and assisting residents in reporting maintenance requests.

ACA Applications open mid-Spring semester

Desk Manager

Desk Managers are students who have responsibility for scheduling Office Assistants (OAs) at the front desks within the halls to provide customer service and coverages for all desk tasks.  Desk Managers train and supervise the Office Assistants on desk operations as well as assist with the hiring of staff.  Desk Managers are also responsible for administrative tasks such as hall supply check-out procedures, monitoring the mail sorting and forwarding system, as well as communicating issues to the Residence Hall Director or Apartment Complex Manager.

Desk Manager Applications available in February

Office Assistant

OAs are students who work at the front desk of the residence halls, most of which are staffed 24 hours a day. OAs answer questions, distribute mail, and most importantly, monitor safety. They make sure the fire safety equipment is monitored at all time and provide services like selling stamps, making change, checking out equipment, etc.

Want to become an OA? Fill out an application anytime and return it to the University Housing Office in Ellis L23.



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