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Ellis Complex (East, North, and South Halls)


Ellis Complex is located on the east side of campus and includes East Ellis, North Ellis, and South Ellis halls.  Ellis also has its own Dining Center, and is also home to the Aviation SHIP.

2021-2022 Configuration Update

Beginning fall 2021-2022, UCM will revert back to double occupancy rooms.  This decision was made as we anticipate a significant shift in the pandemic that enables us to provide a safe environment for our students that also contributes to building a true sense of community in our residence hall system. 


Ellis Lounge

Hall Accommodations

  • Largest residence hall on campus

  • Accommodates up to 908 students

  • Co-ed first-year and upper-class facility

  • Home to the Aviation SHIP                  

  • TV lounge on main floor

  • Recreation lounge on main floor

  • Kitchenette on first floor corridor

  • Ellis Dining Center on the ground floor

  • Laundry facilities in South Ellis and North/East Ellis (free of charge)
Ellis Room

Room Features

  • Updated bedroom furniture

  • Two twin beds with extra- long comfort-flip mattresses

  • One shared dresser

  • Two desks and two chairs

  • Blinds

  • Shared private bathroom in suite-style area

  • Wireless Internet and one Ethernet hook-up per room (free service)

  • Room Size:  11' x 17'



Mailing Address and Mail Guidelines

Mail Guidelines

  • Mail is delivered each day except Sundays and holidays.
  • All mail/packages must include the student’s name in the address (as on file with the university). 
  • Packages in a parent's or family member’s name cannot be accepted and will be returned to sender.  
  • Personal items or items left for pick-up by  residents from individuals are not allowed.  Only accepted items are from official delivery services such as Campus mail, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. 

Packages and mail are only processed for current campus residents.  Mail for non-residents/former residents will be forwarded to address on file or returned to sender.

To assure prompt delivery, use the provided format for your residence hall address when having mail and packages delivered

Mailing Address

The addresses listed below are the official addresses.

East Ellis Hall:

[Student's Name]
East Ellis, [Room #]
301 Anderson St.
Warrensburg, MO 64093

North Ellis Hall: 

[Student's Name]
North Ellis, [Room #]
301 Anderson St.
Warrensburg, MO 64093

South Ellis Hall: 

[Student's Name]
South Ellis, [Room #]
301 Anderson St.
Warrensburg, MO 64093


Nearby Academic Buildings


Provides practice rooms and classrooms for Music majors.


Houses additional Music classrooms and Hart Recital Hall.


Houses the School of Technology office, as well as classrooms for Design & Drafting Technology, Fashion, and Industrial Technology. Also used for Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Photography classes, under the School of Visual and Performing Arts.

T.R. Gaines

Houses classes in Aviation, Networking Technology, and Automotive Technology Management.

Construction Technology Building

Houses the Construction Management program.


Houses the College of Education and Psychological Science classes.

Ward Edwards

Home of the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies.


Houses Military Science & Leadership/ROTC, Criminal Justice, Safety Science, and Crisis and Disaster Management programs.



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