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Move-In and Check-Out

Continuing Your Experience with Apartment Living

ucmo apartment living

Apartment living at the University of Central Missouri provides many options to students including more independent living, unique options, and  the ability to expand your experiences on campus.  We've included some helpful information and tips to get you started as you begin your time in apartment living, as well as information for checking out.

Apartment Move In Information

You will check in for Central Village/Greenwood Park apartments through the University Housing office in Ellis Complex. Upon check-in, you will receive your key(s).  If you owe any additional deposit, you must pay that amount before keys will be provided. For Foster/Knox, Nickerson, Todd, and The Crossing apartments, check-in will occur in the respective building.

Check-in dates and times will be communicated from University Housing through correspondence to your UCM email address.


Apartment Living Resources

Fall 2020 Move-In

Thursday, August 13:

8 am - 4 pm (The Crossing)

Friday, August 14:

8 am - 4 pm (The Crossing)

10 am - 4 pm (Foster-Knox Apartments, Todd Apartments, Nickerson Apartments)

9 am - 4 pm (Central Village and Greenwood Park) *Check in at Housing office in Ellis

Saturday, August 15:

10 am - 2pm (The Crossing, Foster-Knox Apartments, Todd Apartments, Nickerson Apartments)

Sunday, August 16:

8 am - 4 pm  (All returning students moving into residence halls and first-year students who did not sign up for UCM Experience Kickoff)

9 am - 4 pm (Central Village and Greenwood Park) *Check in at Housing office in Ellis

10 am - 2pm (The Crossing, Foster-Knox Apartments, Todd Apartments, Nickerson Apartments)  

Please remember that you must have received the Meningococcal Vaccine after the age of 16 years and have documentation on file with the University Health Center in order to move into your on-campus apartment.  

As you plan ahead for move-in, please note two changes this year due to our response to COVID-19 (excluding Central Village and Greenwood Park):

  • Only 2 additional guests will be allowed with students on move-in day to assist.
  • Students must also sign up for a time to check-in. (That form will be made available to students via email in mid/late July.)  


ACA/CA Information

An ACA (Apartment Community Assistant) is assigned to each apartment complex (Greenwood Park and Central Village) and assists with conflict resolution among neighbors/roommates, responds to all emergency situations, and assists with communication between residents and University Housing.   This person's name and contact information will be provided to you upon check-in. 

The CAs (Community Advisors) in Foster/Knox, Nickerson, Todd, and The Crossing are similar to those in the residence halls.  

Room Condition/Inventory Form

Upon picking up your key, you will be given a Room Condition/Inventory Form.  Please complete this form and return it to your Apartment Community Assistant/Community Advisor within one week of moving in. 


University and Housing Policies

University policies as well as specific Housing policies can be found in the UCM Guide to Good Decision Making found here.  Specific Housing policies begin on page 186.  Students are expected to know and follow policies at all times.  

Housing-related Emergencies

For Greenwood Park and Central Village, should you have a housing-related emergency after 5:00 pm or on the weekend and you’re not able to contact your ACA, please call the duty phone at 660-441-1337.   

If you live in Todd, Nickerson, The Crossing, or Foster/Knox apartments, please contact your CA on duty or the Front Desk for any housing-related emergency.


Greenwood Park and Central Village residents: Should you get locked out of your apartment DURING regular business hours (8:00am – 5:00pm, M-F) you MUST come to the Housing Office to check out a loaner key.  (The loaner key must be returned the same day.)  Should you get locked out of your apartment AFTER the Housing Office is closed, you must contact the Housing staff member on duty (refer to Housing-related Emergencies).  

Other apartments:  Visit the front desk of your building to inform front desk staff that you are locked out.  That person will contact a Community Advisor to provide you access to your room.

Greenwood Park Mailbox Keys

You will need to take a copy of your housing agreement to the Warrensburg Post Office (located at 201 E. Gay St.) to obtain the mailbox keys.  There is a $10.00 fee required. 

Maintenance and Submitting Work Orders

If maintenance repairs are needed, please make sure this is noted on the Room Condition/Inventory Form upon checking in.  The ACA will generate a work order to Facilities Planning & Operations (Greenwood Park and Central Village only); however, during the school year YOU may initiate a work order for maintenance issues using the guide below:

Guide to Submitting a Work Order

Utilities (Greenwood Park and Central Village only)

You are responsible for paying the gas and electric at Greenwood Park and Central Village.  Failure to do so will result in a $15.00 monthly service charge for each utility bill we receive and may possibly lead to termination of your Housing Agreement.  If this has not been done yet, you will need to contact the following companies ASAP: 

  • Gas - Missouri Gas Energy:  1 (800) 582-1234
  • Electric - Kansas City Power & Light: 1 (888) 471-5275

Laundry Facilities

The laundry machines/dryers are free to use; however, they are operated by your student ID.  Your student ID will operate the machines if you have an active Housing Agreement to live your designated building.

Laundry facilities are located in the Community Building (Greenwood Park) and the basement of Building 5 (Central Village).  Greenwood Park apartment keys will allow you access to the laundry room in the Greenwood Park Community Building; Central Village apartment keys allow you access to laundry facilities.   All other apartments have laundry facilities located within their building.

Storm Shelters

In case of emergency such as a tornado:

Greenwood Park:  The Community Building serves as a storm shelter as it was built for such purposes.

Central Village:  Storm shelters are located at the back of Buildings 1 and 3 which will be opened in case of such emergencies.

In Nickerson, Todd, Foster-Knox, and The Crossing:  please find shelter at the lowest floor in your hall; find directions for emergency procedures in hallways and/or back of room doors.

Internet Access

The University of Central Missouri operates a robust campus network that includes wireless access. If you have questions about accessing the Internet you may contact the Office of Technology at 660-543-4357 or via email at 

Visit the Office of Technology for more information.

Cable TV

Your TV needs to have a QAM (or sometimes known as a Clear QAM) Tuner built in.  (Look in the manual of the TV under Setting Channels or at the end of the manual in the specifications of the TV.)  If your TV does not have a QAM Tuner built in, then you can choose to purchase a converter box 

  • The recommended converter box is Channel Master model #CM-7004 which can be purchased at or other retailers. This particular converter box has been tested to work with our cable system. 
  • We do not recommend any other type of converter box because they have not been tested to work with our system.
  • The following TVs have been reported/proven NOT to work with our system and do not have a QAM Tuner:  Element, Westinghouse.
  • The following brands have some TVs that have QAM tuners and some that do not:  TLC, Samsung, Sceptre, Hisense.

Please note that our cable system does not support external devices such as DVRs, Roku, Apple TV, additional cable boxes for HBO, etc.  We have a specialized channel line-up and it cannot be picked up via streaming. 

Move-Out Cleaning

During your selected check out time with the ACA/CA staff who will inspect your room and complete the checkout process, your apartment MUST be clean.

To avoid cleaning charges, all apartments must be thoroughly cleaned before checking out. The information below explains how you should clean your apartment. Every apartment must be cleaned before EACH resident in each apartment checks out. If your apartment is not clean, your ACA/CA will not check you out, resulting in at least a $50 improper checkout fine.

Furnished Apartment Cleaning Checklist 

Unfurnished Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Decorating Your Home

When you move onto campus in the fall, you will create a new home for during your time with us.

  • Posters, pictures, & flags are a great way to personalize your new home, but please use an adhesive that can be easily removed without leaving any residue.
  • Please don’t damage the walls with nails or other permanent mounting devices.
  • You can feel free to measure windows to hang treatments (per guidelines)
  • We suggest using 3M Command adhesives, 3M Command adhesive hangers, or Scotch Magic removable mounts.
  • Just remember to have fun & be creative, but follow the decorating guidelines.
  • NOTE:  Only t-pins are allowed to hang or place items on walls in The Crossing.


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