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SHIP Special Interest Housing Program


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Special Housing Interest Programs

Why Set Sail?

University Housing provides a living environment designed to enhance your learning experience at UCM. The  social and educational interactions at the heart of our SHIPs provide many benefits. 

Discover a SHIP That Fits Your Interest

UCM originated the Special Housing Interest Program (SHIP) to supplement your experience outside the classroom. All of our SHIPs are for first-year students.

 Benefits include:

  • Better grades
  • Easier adjustment to college life
  • Friends
  • Greater learning experiences
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Increased likelihood you'll stay in school
  • Programs and activities centered around your interests



We know from our experience that the first year transition to college and to the courses of your program can be a challenge.  We also know that students who live on the SHIP tend to do better academically, persist in their program, and have a greater satisfaction with their living and university experience. This is why we believe you should consider a SHIP as your choice for a place to live.

To apply to live on a SHIP please include that particular SHIP as one of your choices on the Residential Housing Agreement.  Housing assignments are made in the order they are received, so the earlier you apply the better, as space is limited on the SHIP.   


SHIP Options

Art and Design

UCM has excellent art and design programs in Studio Art, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Art Education, and an excellent Professional Photography program.  Learn about these programs and enjoy interaction with other like-minded students passionate about the arts.

  • Located in Ellis Complex
  • Close to the Art Annex ceramics studio
  • Equal distance from the Grinstead design, print, and photo studios and the Art Center foundation studios
  • Major(s) required:
    • Art
    • Graphic design
    • Interior Design
    • Studio Art


For one of UCM’s strongest programs, this SHIP brings together roommates, suitemates and one entire floor of students who share a major or minor in aviation. You’ll have opportunities to focus on all aspects of aviation and to form bonds with fellow enthusiasts.

  • Located in Ellis Complex
  • Close proximity to the Department of Aviation classrooms
  • Meeting space for team projects
  • Major/minor required:
    • Aviation Management
    • Aviation Maintenance Management
    • Aviation Minor
    • Flight Operations Management
    • Professional Pilot

Criminal Justice

Understanding the criminal justice system is important if you plan to enter this profession. You’ll have access to other students and resources that will help to enhance your academic and social experience at UCM. 

  • Located in Ellis Complex
  • Close proximity to academic buildings
  • Connections to faculty and mentors in areas related to criminal justice and criminology 
  • Major(s) required:
    • Criminal Justice
    • Corrections


This SHIP offers education students the opportunity to live with other future educators and to see the field of education from a broad perspective. All education majors are welcome and encouraged to live on the Education SHIP. 

  • Located in Hosey Hall
  • Close to Westside Market dining center
  • Resource lounge study area and computer lab


Majors Required:

  • Art, BSE
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry
  • CTTE: Business Teacher Education BSE
  • CTTE: Engineering and Technology Teacher Education BSE
  • CTTE: Family Consumer Sciences BSE
  • Elementary Education:  1-6
  • Elementary Education:  Birth - Grade 3
  • English
  • English, BSE
  • Mathematics
  • Middle School - Junior High School BSE
  • Music, Instrumental, BME
  • Music, Vocal BSE
  • Physical Education, K-12
  • Social Studies, BSE
  • Special Education: Cross-Categorical
  • Special Education: Early Childhood
  • Special Education:  Severely Developmentally Disabled
  • Speech, Comm & Theatre, BSE


The Honors SHIP creates a unique living environment for students in The Honors College. It focuses on enhancing the educational experience of each student. 

  • Located in Houts Hall
  • Resource lounge study area and computer lab
  • Lounges for group study and Honors presentations
  • Honors courses occasionally taught in the building

Eligibilty:  Honors Designation 



Music lovers collaborate to create the Music SHIP.  In this environment, you can interact with others who share a passion for music. 

  • Located in Ellis Complex
  • close proximity to various faculty offices and classes in Hudson Hall
  • Proximity to all university music facilities
  • No major required, interest only



If you’re interested in a health care career, you should join the Nursing SHIP. 

  • Located in Nickerson Hall
  • Close proximity to Science building where many science courses are taught
  • Major Required:
    • Nursing

Safe and Inclusive Living (SAIL) New for 2020-2021!

The SAIL SHIP is a community where students of diverse gender identities/expressions and sexual orientations, including allies, live and learn together in an inclusive and supportive community.  This community supports students who identify as LGBTQIA+ or an ally.  This SHIP allows roommates and suitemates to live together regardless of gender identity and expression. 

  • The SAIL SHIP will be located on second floor of Hosey Hall
  • First year or upperclass students may indicate this preference on their housing agreement
  • No major required

Information on how to apply for sail ship is available at


If you are a student in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) related discipline, this SHIP will create unique learning environments where you can collaborate with students from like programs.  All STEM majors are welcome and can benefit from interaction with other students, faculty and staff. 

  • Located in South Yeater
  • Close proximity to Todd Dining Center
  • Meeting and collaboration space for team projects
  • Faculty-led seminars and workshops
  • Tutoring and mentoring
  • Major(s) required:
    • Actuarial Science & Math

    • Actuarial Science & Statistics

    • Automotive Technology Management

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Computer Information Systems

    • Computer Science

    • Cybersecurity

    • Design & Drafting Technology

    • Engineering Technology

    • Mathematics

    • Mathematics Accelerated

    • Medical Laboratory Science

    • Networking Technology


This SHIP provides students access to the student-run BlackBox Theatre. BlackBox productions occur throughout the academic year. You’ll have opportunities to participate and interact with other students who share an interest in theatre. 

  • Located in Nickerson Hall
  • Proximity to BlackBox Theatre
  • Convenient class space
  • Lounge to rehearse lines, blocking, etc.
  • No major required - interest only


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