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Branding Guidelines

Branding Overview

The strength of our brand is extremely important because it is the essence of who we are as an institution. It is the combination of interactions, experiences, feelings and perceptions of the university. Our actions, verbal communications, written communications - everything we do at the university shapes our brand. It is imperative that every communication initiative consistently, accurately and effectively tells the University of Central Missouri’s story. 

A strong and coherent visual identity is one piece of a strong brand. The university as a whole benefits when we all use consistent design and editorial standards. Individual offices and departments also benefit from a strong association with the university’s identity. When all offices, departments, programs and centers adhere to branding standards, it strengthens our overall brand because we demonstrate unity in who we are. The more consistent an institution’s brand, the more recognizable and memorable it becomes. 

The resources on this web page are intended to provide a set of basic guidelines for the implementation of the marks that represent the university in its communications, but, of course, they cannot cover all possible situations and applications. If you have questions concerning the use of these resources or the logos and marks described within, please contact the Office of Integrated Marketing and Communications.


IMC's Role

The Office of Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) is responsible for the university’s integrated marketing and strategic communications. IMC works in tandem with campus partners to support the university’s mission with clear, consistent and professional communications.IMC meets with campus stakeholders to determine key creative concepts, messaging and target audiences to assure their marketing and communication goals are met and deliverables are consistent with university-wide brand messaging and design. IMC is also responsible for ensuring the correct use and integrity of the signature, seal and other logos on all university publications and materials produced by the university or by outside agencies. 



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