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UCM Building Names


UCM Building Names A-K

A - C



Achauer House

 Full reference: Maureen Achauer House


Administration Building


Agricultural Mechanization Technology Building


Airport  Administration Building  (This building is now out of commission and will be demolished)


Alumni Memorial Chapel


Alumni Park




Art Annex


Art Center


Audrey J. Walton Stadium at Vernon Kennedy Field


Audrey J. Walton Clubhouse

  Full Reference: Audrey J. Walton Clubhouse at Keth Memorial Golf Course in Pertle Springs

Aviation Technology Building





Millie J. Barnes Athletic Training Facility


Bradshaw Hall

  Full name: Pearl Tipton Bradshaw Hall

  Common reference: Nattinger/Bradshaw Hall




Central Courte

 Full reference: Central Courte in the Elliott Student Union


Central Village


Charno Room

  Full reference: Charno Room in the Elliott Student Union

James R. Crane Stadium

  Full reference: James R. Crane Stadium at Robert N. Tompkins Field


Culp‐Feidt  Fountain

 Full reference: Culp‐Feidt Fountain in Alumni Park




D - F



Diemer Hall

  Full name: George W. Diemer Hall

Dockery Building

  Full name: Alexander M. Dockery Building



Ward Edwards Building

Elliott Student Union

  Full name: Ed Elliott Student Union

Elliott Union Ballroom

  Full name: Sandra Temple Elliott Ballroom

  Full reference: Sandra Temple Elliott Ballroom in the Elliott Student Union

Ellis Hall

  Full name: Emmett Ellis Complex



Facilities, Planning and Operations South East Complex

  Common reference: South East Complex

Fitzgerald Hall

  Full name: Ruth Fitzgerald Hall

Foster Hall

  Full name: Earl R. Foster Hall

  Common reference: Foster‐Knox Hall

Fraternity Complex

G - K



Gaines Technology Building

  Full name: Thomas R. Gaines Technology Building

  Common reference: TR Gaines

Gallery of Art and Design

  Full name: Gallery of Art and Design in the Art Center


Garrison Building

  Full name: James R. Garrison Building   

  Common reference: Morrow‐Garrison Complex


Helen Gilbert Student Activities Center

  Common reference: Student Activities Center

Greenwood Park

Grinstead Building

  Full name: Noel B. Grinstead Building




Hart Recital Hall

  Full name: Ralph E. Hart Recital Hall

 Full reference: Hart Recital Hall in the Utt Building


Hendricks Hall

 Full name: Eldo L. Hendricks Hall

 Full reference: Hendricks Hall in the Administration Building


Highlander Theatre

 Full name: James L. Highlander Theatre


Highway Safety Instruction Park

 Full reference: Highway Safety Instructional Park at the Missouri Safety Center

Hosey Hall

 Full name: Gertrude Hosey Hall Common reference: Houts‐Hosey Hall

Houts Hall

 Full name: Fanita B. Houts Hall

  Common reference: Houts‐Hosey Hall

Hudson Hall

 Full name: Charles B. Hudson Hall

Humphreys Building

 Full name: Pauline A. Humphreys Building


Vernon Kennedy Field

 Full reference:  Audrey J. Walton Stadium at Vernon Kennedy Field

Keth Memorial Golf Course

 Full name: Earl K. Keth Memorial Golf Course at Pertle Springs

James C. Kirkpatrick Library

  Common reference: JCKL

Kitterman Room

 Full reference: Kitterman Room in the Elliott Student Union

Knox Hall

 Full name: William F. Knox Hall

 Common reference: Foster‐Knox Hall

UCM Building Names L - Y

L - N


Lovinger Building

 Full name: Warren C. Lovinger Education Building


Maastricht Friendship Tower

Martin Building

 Full name: Charles L. Martin Building

 Wood-Martin Complex (when talking about Wood and  Marting buildings)

Missouri Safety Center

Morris Building

 Full name: Wilson C. Morris Science Building

Morrow Building

 Full name: Walter E. Morrow Building   

 Common reference: Morrow‐Garrison Complex   (Student Recreation and Wellness Center)

Multipurpose Building



Nahm Auditorium

 Full name: Laura J. Nahm Auditorium

 Full reference: Laura J. Nahm Auditorium in the Wilson  C. Morris Building

National Police Institute

Nattinger Hall

 Full name: Maude Nattinger Hall

 Common reference: Nattinger/Bradshaw Hall

Nature Central

 Full name: Nature Central Environmental Education Center

Nickerson Hall

 Full name: Elizabeth Nickerson Hall

P - T




Pertle Springs    

Prussing Research Farm

Public Safety Building




Richards Hall

Robert L. Marshall Building

 Full Reference: Robert L. Marshall Building at the Missouri Safety Center’s

 Highway Safety Instructional Park




Selmo Park


Smiser Alumni Center

 Full name: Sam and Sue Smiser Alumni Center


South Recreational Complex


South Todd Hall



South Yeater Hall

Stahl Construction Technology Building

 Full name: Glenn W. Stahl Construction Technology Building

StartUp Center (on Hunt Street)

Student Recreation and Wellness Center

 Common reference: SRWC


Swisher Skyhaven Airport

 Full name: Max B. Swisher Skyhaven Airport


Technology Laboratories

The Crossing – South at Holden

Todd Hall

 Full name: Anna Marie Todd Hall

Robert N. Tompkins Field

 Full name: James R. Crane Stadium at Robert N. Tompkins Field

Twomey Auditorium

 Full name: Alfred E. Twomey Auditorium

 Full reference: Alfred E. Twomey Auditorium in Rolla F. Wood Building

U - Y



UCM-Summit Center

Union Bowling Center

University Conference Center

 Common reference: UCC

University Agricultural Research Farm

 Common reference: University Farm

University Health Center

University Store

 Full reference: University Store in the Elliott Student Union

Utt Building

 Full name: Paul R. Utt Building



Audrey J. Walton Stadium

 Full reference: Audrey J. Walton Stadium at Vernon Kennedy Field

Welch-Schmidt Center for Communication Disorders

 Full name: I. Lin Welch and Marilyn Schmidt Center for Communication Disorders

Wood Building

 Full name: Rolla F. Wood Building

  Wood-Martin Complex (when talking about Wood and Martin buildings)


Yeater Hall

 Full name: Laura J. Yeater Hall



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