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Using Schedule Planner to Search for Classes

What is "Schedule Planner"?

“Schedule Planner” is a software application that allows students to quickly and easily plan optimal class schedules.  Students can use “Schedule Planner” to see ALL possible combinations of schedules that are available based on the specific courses and break times (work, athletic practice, etc.) that are chosen.

Use of Schedule Planner is optional. Planning a class schedule in Schedule Planner does not constitute registering for classes, though you may add a schedule to your shopping cart and then enroll in MyCentral. If it is not yet your time to enroll, you can save your cart.

When should I use Schedule Planner?

Students can begin planning schedules using Schedule Planner as soon as the course offerings are available in MyCentral. Fall course offerings are available in late January, spring course offerings are available in mid-September, and summer course offerings are available in mid-December.

It is recommended to begin planning your course schedule early and then revisit the course offerings and Schedule Planner closer to your enrollment access date to see which courses are still available.

Students maximize their chances of getting the courses they want by enrolling in all classes early on their enrollment access date. Students may begin enrolling at 12am (midnight) on that date. Approximately 750 students enroll each day, so one day can make a big difference in your schedule!

How do I use Schedule Planner? 

  1. Log into MyCentral.  (Don’t know how to log into MyCentral? Contact the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357 or via e-mail at 
  2. Go to the Student Services tab and choose Student Home, in the UCM Registration Section and click on Schedule Planner.
  3. If this is your first time using Schedule Planner, check out the five short videos in the Help section.
  4. Choose the semester for which you wish to build a schedule.
  5. Add the courses you wish to take to the Courses list.  There is no limit to the number of classes you can include – so give yourself plenty of options.
  6. Add any breaks that you wish to have (optional), such as your work schedule.
  7. Put a check mark in the box by the courses and breaks (optional) that you want included in your schedule.
  8. Click on the “Generate Schedules” button.  All possible schedules will be generated. 
    1. If there are no possible schedules for those course/break selections, the program will tell you which course selection needs to be altered.
    2. If there are too many possible schedules, add in a break or “lock” a particular section of a course.

 More Tips for Using Schedule Planner

  • Click on "Options" in your Courses list to narrow down your choices for that course
    • For example, you can limit your choice to sections offered by certain professors
    • Or if you know you want a specific section, limit your search to include just that particular section 
  • Create breaks to plan your work schedule, lunch time, athletic practice, and other commitments.
  • Breaks can also be used to create M/W/F only schedules (by blocking T/R 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.) or T/R only schedules (by blocking M/W/F 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.)
  • Create morning, afternoon, or evening schedules by blocking those hours of the day you do not wish to have classes.
  • Are you getting too many possible schedule results? Try adding a break to narrow down your choices. Or select particular professors or sections for some of the courses. If you find a specific course that you want choose the “lock” option to narrow down that course selection.
  • Are you getting too few possible schedule results? Try removing a break or being more flexible on your Part of Term and Campus selections. Some majors may only offer one section of a course, so possible schedules may be limited.

Choices You Can Make to Limit Your Search 

Course Status Setting

  • Open Classes Only – this will only show courses that have seats available (recommended).
  • Open & Full with Waitlist Open – this will show courses that have seats available and those that are full, but have waitlist seats available.
  • Open & Full – this will show all course offerings.

Campus Setting

  • Select All Campuses– this will show courses from all UCM campuses. If you choose this option, be careful and don’t accidentally choose a course offered in another city.
  • If you only want to take classes at the main campus in Warrensburg (and not online or hybrid), choose “At UCM in Warrensburg.”
  • If you want to include online and/or hybrid courses (partially online and partially in class), these will only be included if you check these options. Online/hybrid are not included with the other campus options.

Parts of Term Setting

  • Select All Parts of Term – this will show courses from all part of term (recommended).
  • If you want to look at only first-half or second--half semester courses, be sure to choose each day of the week (Monday through Friday).

Recommended Search Settings

  1. Course Status setting: Open Classes Only (unless you are wanting to waitlist a course or seeking permission to enter a full course)
  2. Campuses: (choose three) At UCM in Warrensburg, Hybrid, and Online OR choose All Campuses Selected (unless you are searching specifically for classes not in Warrensburg)
  3. Parts of Term: All Parts of Term Selected (unless you are searching specifically for 1st or 2nd half-semester or weekend classes)


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