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Using MyCentral to Search for Classes

When is the next semester's course schedule available?

The summer semester schedule is available online in mid-December and the fall semester schedule is available in February. Enrollment for both summer and fall semesters takes place during March and April. The spring semester schedule is available online in mid-September and enrollment for spring semester takes place in October and November.

Where can the next semester's course offerings be found?

  • Public Access Site (does not require student log in): From any UCM website, click on the "Academics" link near the top of the page and choose “Schedule of Courses” from the list.  Pick the semester you wish to search in. 

  • MyCentral (for current students): Go to MyCentral and login.  Select "Discover More" and search "Student Profile". On the Student Profile page, select the "Registration and Planning" link in under your picture, and the click “Browse Classes.”

  • Schedule Planner (for current students): Go to MyCentral and login. Schedule Planner is on the "Registration" card. Find more details about how to search for classes and plan your schedule using Schedule Planner here.

When does enrollment begin for next semester's classes?

Enrollment for Summer and Fall classes begins in March and enrollment for Spring classes begins in October.  Enrollment access dates span a period of four weeks, with seniors enrolling first and freshmen enrolling last.

Enrollment access dates are determined by your hours earned (does not include those in progress). Earned hours can be found on your academic transcript (available in MyCentral).  It is very important to enroll early on your enrollment access date. Your access will be open at 12 a.m. (midnight) that day. Approximately 800 students enroll each day. Waiting a few hours can make a big difference in your schedule.  

 Tips for Searching for Classes in MyCentral using the Browse Classes function in the Registration and Planning link found in your student profile.

Student Level

After selecting the term, click on the Advanced Search function for more filtering options. If you are an undergraduate student, limit all of your searches to “Undergraduate” in the “Level” field. That way you don’t have to see all of the graduate level classes (Graduate students, you can do the same)!

Campus Location

If you only wish to take courses on the Warrensburg campus, limit all of your searches to “At UCM in Warrensburg” in the “Campus” field. This will prevent you from accidentally signing up for a class that is in another town or state.

Want an online class? Find all online courses (or just choose a specific prefix) and then limit the "Campus" field to "Online” by scrolling down the drop-drown box. 


Try searching for all of your prefixes at the same time instead of one by one – this makes it easier to compare days/times of your classes. You can do this by adding each prefix one at at time. For example, you can add ENGL, HIST, MATH and SOC together to make your schedule.


If you are taking a class that has a separate laboratory component (either with or without credit hours), be sure to add both lecture and lab at the same time or you will get an enrollment error.

Day/Time Slots

The computer will not let you sign up for two classes at the same time or with any time overlap– you will get an enrollment error.

Searching for a class at a particular day/time?  Limit your search to a particular day/time by clicking the day(s) listed under the "Meeting Days" section and entering the "Start/End Time" (be careful, times must be exact!)

Part of Term

If you only wish to take courses during the 1st-half semester or 2nd-half semester limit your search by choosing which part of term you prefer in the "Sessions" field.

Course Information

For more information about a class, click on the title of the course (also underlined). This will show you the course instructor, meeting times, prerequisites, corequisites, and waitlist numbers.


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