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Information for Staff and Faculty


Volunteer Duties


Faculty marshals should arrive dressed in regalia at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony and check in at the Registrar's table at the east entrance of the Multipurpose Building by the mule head. Marshals who do not own their own regalia may rent it through the UCM Bookstore in advance.

Red marshal cords will be handed out by the Registrar's office at the check in table (east entrance by the mule head).

Marshals 1 & 2

Duties During Processional:

  • For fall semester only: before leading the students down the center aisle these two marshals should determine which side the banner bearer will be seated on. Make sure a seat is saved for this student.
  • Marshals 1 and 2 will be the first to lead the students up the center aisle to their seats.
  • The first row or two will be saved for the readers and special guests. When you get the first empty aisle, walk through the chairs to the outer aisle leading the students to follow you. If during the fall ceremony be sure to save a seat for the banner bearer.
  • Ask students to remain standing until the MC instructs them to be seated. After the first row is filled, move to the end of the second row to assist getting students to the end of the row, making sure that each seat is filled. Leave one empty row in between colleges (fall ceremonies only).
  • Continue until all students are seated and then leave an empty row between students and faculty. Seat the remaining marshals (5-14) and the faculty from the gauntlet. After the platform party has reached the stage, take a seat with the marshals.

Duties During Conferring of Degrees:

  • You will assist students as they approach the ramp to the substage. Make sure that they have their name card in their hand and let them know that they will give it to the name card reader. The student will not get this card back. Let students know that they will shake the President's hand, then their dean's hand, and the they will exit using the center aisle.

Duties During Recessional: - 

 Marshals 3 thru 16: Duties to be assigned.

Name Card Readers

The name card readers will read student's full names as printed on the card and any Latin Honors. Cards should be kept in the order that they are read and given to Registrar's staff after the ceremony. The cards are later used by the photographers to match up photos with students. Readers will be provided with the list of candidate names during the week of finals.

Hooders (Faculty)

Each college will identify 1-2 stationary hooders. These faculty members will stand on a platform facing the crowd and will hood each student in the college before they approach the ramp to the substage. In addition to the stationary hooder, each academic program will have 1 program hooder that will walk in the line in front of their students and will assist with the hooding of their students, facing the student. After the student is hooded they will move to a photo station before the ramp to the substage.

Program Hooders (Faculty)

Each academic program will have 1 program hooder. This faculty member will line up with the students at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. Make sure that all students have their name card and that they are carrying (not wearing) their hoods. Make sure that your students proceed into the arena in a single file line and are seated on the same side of the center aisle. 

The program hooder will walk in the line in front of their students during the processional and will be seated with the students on the arena floor. When your row is released to approach the stage, you will go ahead of the students and walk past the stationary hooder. You will then assist with the hooding of your students, facing the student. After the student is hooded instruct them to move to the photo station near the ramp to the substage. Tell them to hold the card down or behind their back so it's not apparent in the photos.

Line Up Assistants (Faculty and Staff)

Faculty and staff assisting with line up can find a map of program locations here.
How to assist students during line up:
  • make sure they are dressed in their regalia with the zipper to the top
  • if the student does not have their regalia, they must go to the University Store at the Crossing!
  • make sure their tassel is hanging to the left of their face
  • if they have lost their tassel, extras may be found in the ticket booth near the west doors
  • make sure graduate students have their hoods, but are not wearing them
  • the hood is carried on the left arm, folded in half (long ways) with the colored felt part near the hand and the pointed front part hanging away from the body
  • tell students that a commencement program is placed on their chair and that they need to have their hands free (except for the name card) when they approach the stage
  • let them know that they will be photographed before crossing

Other Volunteers (Faculty and Staff)


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