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Military/Whiteman Air Force Base Programs

Being a military member or a military family member is demanding. Continuing your education shouldn't be. With a variety of in-demand, online/hybrid/evening programs at Whiteman, UCM makes it easy to get the high-quality education you need.  UCM also provides industry recognized certifications for eligible military spouses through the MyCAA program.  Stop by the UCM-Whiteman site office today!


Military and Veteran Success Center     Military Friendly Gold Award

UCM Military Benefits

UCM offers great benefits for military members and their families.  Our campus has been recognized for its military friendly approach to education.  Some of the unique benefits we offer our military students include:

Certification Request Form 
All students seeking to use VA or TA benefits must complete the certification form Undergraduate students who are currently serving in the active duty, reserves, or national guard are also eligible for a reduced tuition rate for F2F, online, hybrid, or courses at the Summit Center to $250 a credit hour upon completion of the certification form.  This form is required every semester you attend UCM. 

Military Tuition Package

The Military Tuition Package (MTP), applies to those who are using military Tuition Assistance or the GI Bill® to fund their education and /or their dependents.  Savings range from $184.00 to $800.00 depending on the number of courses and credit hours taken.

  • Exemption from application for admission fee (One time) - A $30.00 savings
    *Payment of application is required but will be refunded to the student account following the application approval, enrollment and eligibility verification process.
  • Exemption from the new student fee (One time) - A $50.00 savings
  • Exemption from the per credit hour mandatory general student fee (Every Semester) - Up to $684.75 in total savings 
  • Exemption from the parking permit fee (Every semester) - A $65.00 savings
    *Charge to student account, unable to refund cash or personal debit/credit card.

Military Tuition Package Extension (MTPE) 

The MTPE applies to Veterans who have exhausted their VA benefits and will continue to use the Military Tuition Package. Students must be in good standing and remain continuously enrolled with the University to receive the extension.

Military Out-of-State Rate Waiver

The following students are eligible for this waiver:

  • Active Duty, Reserve, and Guard
  • Veteran
  • Dependent of Active Duty member
  • Dependent of veteran if the veteran is within 3 years of their separation date. 

The out of state waiver form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Military and Veteran Success Center to be applied to student account. This will only need to be filled out one time. 

Priority Enrollment

Students that are active duty, reserve, guard, veterans, and dependents can enroll early for courses each semester. To have this applied please contact the Military and Veteran Success Center. 


UCM Online and at Whiteman

Online Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs

Online Graduate Degree Programs

Programing and Benefits for Military Spouses

UCM is recognized as a MyCAA sponsor providing industry recognized certifications and certificates in the areas of healthcare, technology, business, and manufacturing to support the mobility of the military family.  These certifications provide military spouses with flexible instruction through open enrollments and self-paced online course instruction.  The certifications provided allow military spouses to obtain national certifications or credentials allowing them to be competitive in the global job market.   

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