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Course Substitutions and Departmental Approved Electives

Questions about major and minor course substitutions can be directed to Amanda Casarez in the Registrar’s Office at 660-543-8072. Substitutions for non-major specific general education courses are processed by the student's academic advisor.

What is a substitution?

A course substitution is a one-time use of a UCM or transfer course for a required course for a particular student. A substitution is specific to that student, not something that you wish to be done for all students in your major or minor. Acceptance of a course as a substitute does not imply that the course is "equivalent" to the course being substituted. It implies that the department chair has deemed that the substitute "fulfills the spirit" of the requirement being met.

How to submit a substitution


Department chairs and approved program coordinators may use the online form for major and minor course substitutions and waivers for students in their majors and/or minors only.  This is available in the Faculty tab in MyCentral.  Choose the “Course Substitution” link in the "UCM Faculty" section and then input the student’s 700 number. The "Course Substitution" link may be used to perform substitutions and waivers for both undergraduate and graduate students.


1. Run the student’s Central Degree Audit, find the requirement or course that you would like to substitute or waive.


2. Most course substitutions are done using courses in the Fallthrough area (electives) of the degree audit.  Courses can also be “double-dipped” (or triple) between general education, major, and/or minor.


3. For waiving classes: the option available is to waive the course and the hours.   Please note, General Education classes may not be waived. Exceptions can be made by the Vice Provost.


4. If doing a substitution, it must be a 1 for 1 substitution. Meaning, you can use 1 course to substitute for 1 other course. The DegreeWorks program is not capable of using 2 classes for 1 or 1 class for 2.


5. The course hours do not need to be an exact match. Typically, a 1-hour difference is acceptable. For example, if a student has a 3-hour science class with a laboratory component, it is okay to use this course to count for a 4-hour lab science course. Also, a 5-hour modern language course may be used to fulfill a 6-hour language requirement.


6. General Education Substitutions

Who can make substitution decisions?

Professional academic advisors can make decisions regarding general education substitutions (as long the major/minor does not require a particular course in that general education category). General education classes may not be waived. General education classes from one category may not be substituted in a different general education category. Requests for General education course substitutions using courses completed at UCM but not listed in the General Education Curriculum may be approved in rare cases by the Vice Provost. Normally the Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services will convey the decision back to the academic advisor within one week.

Department chairs and approved program coordinators may only substitute courses for students in their major/minor!

Transfer Substitution vs. Course Articulation

If you find yourself substituting the same transfer class into your major or minor for many students, please work with Michael Olsen in the Admissions Office to articulate this course. Once the course is articulated it will automatically fulfill the proper requirement in your major/minor and will alleviate the paperwork needed for each substitution. A list of existing articulated courses can be found here.

Departmentally Approved Major/Minor Elective

If you find yourself substituting the same UCM class into your major or minor for departmentally approved electives, please work with Laura Miller in the Registrar's Office to add this course to your Central Degree audit. Once the course is added to the Central Degree audit as an appropriate option it will automatically fulfill the departmentally approved elective requirement in your major/minor and will alleviate the paperwork needed for each substitution.