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Registrar & Student Records

Ward Edwards 1000
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4900
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Computer Help
Transferring Credits

Computer Help

What should I do if I have problems signing into MyCentral?

Contact the Technology Support Center (660-543-4357 or for assistance.

Do I have to use my UCM e-mail account?

YES – the UCM e-mail account is the primary means of communication between students and faculty/staff.  When writing to someone on campus, you should use your UCM account.  You can also set up your UCM account to be automatically forwarded to a different account.  Contact the Technology Support Center for more information.


Why can’t I enroll in any classes?

There may be many reasons you are unable to enroll.  Explore the following:

Why can’t I enroll in a particular class?

The class I want to enroll in is full?

If it is prior to the last day to add a course, put yourself on the waitlist (if available) for the class.  The waitlist runs through the 100% refund period (the first 3-4 days of the semester).  If you are not added to the class off of the waitlist or if the class does not offer a waitlist, you may see if the Department Chairperson over the course to seek permission to enroll in a full section.

How do I add/drop classes?

Students are responsible for their own course enrollment.  This can be done in MyCentral, instructions are available hereBe sure to print a new copy of your schedule or save a copy of your Central Degree Audit every time you add or drop a course.  This will serve as your “receipt” and proof that you performed the transaction properly.

What should I do if I am a Graduate student and need help to add/drop a course?

Contact Graduate Studies for assistance (WDE 1800, 660-543-4621).

Why have all my classes been dropped?

There are typically two reasons that the university would drop a student's entire schedule. The first is for academic suspension or dismissal and the second reason is due to a financial hold.

Students who are suspended or dismissed are removed from all future courses. Full refunds are given for fees already paid.

If you had an outstanding bill with the university from past semesters, the Office of Student Financial Services will drop you from future classes if arrangement for payment has not been made.  If your financial hold is lifted, you may self-enroll for classes again, but are not guaranteed to get your former schedule back.

What should I do if my class was dropped because I did not attend the first session?

The Enrollment Validation Policy is in effect during all semesters.  If your instructor reports you as absent, you will be dropped.   However, if your instructor does not report you as absent, you will be billed and will receive an “F” in the course if you continue to not attend.  Enrollment is ultimately the responsibility of the student.  Check your schedule in MyCentral if you are unsure of your enrollment.

If you wish to re-enroll in the course you will need special permission of the Department Chair for a late add.

What do I do if I need to drop a course after the published deadline?

A petition for late withdrawal must be completed.  Students must be able to provide documented extenuating circumstances before an appeal will be considered.  Documentation to verify your circumstances must be included with your appeal (doctor’s note, court order, etc.).

What should I do to completely withdraw from school?

Fill out the withdrawal survey in MyCentral. It can be found on the student services tab in the UCM Registration block labeled "Withdrawal Information". Contact the Office of Student Experience and Engagement (ADM 214, 660-543-4114) if you have additional questions.  They will assist you with your withdrawal from UCM.


What should I do if I am on academic probation?

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors and department chair for assistance. Undergraduate students on academic probation are limited to enrollment in 15 or less credit hours.  You are also encouraged to repeat poor grades to help improve your GPA.

How can an incorrect grade be changed? 

You can confirm the grade that was recorded for your coursework online via MyCentral by accessing the link “View Grades.”   Your grades also show on your Central Degree Audit and Unofficial Transcript, also available in MyCentral.  If you believe the grade is incorrect, you will need to contact the instructor.  You have one calendar year to appeal a grade.

How can an NR grade be removed?

An NR grade is recorded when no grade is reported for a student who has been registered in a course.  To resolve this problem, you will need to contact the instructor.

How long do I have to complete work for a class with a “U” grade?

Students have one semester (including Summer) to complete the work if an instructor assigns a “U”  (unfinished) grade.   The “U” becomes an “F” at the end of the next semester unless the instructor completes a grade change or "U" extension request.

Who answers questions about the Dean’s List?

The Dean's List is for undergraduate students only. Information on the criteria for being on the Dean’s List can be found here.  For other information you will need to contact the Dean’s Office in the college for your major.


I have a question about my student financial account, who do I contact?

Student Financial Services (WDE 1100, 660-543-8266).


What should I do if there is a Hold on my records?

Check your MyCentral account in the “Student Services” tab to “View Holds.”  Information on the type of Hold will be listed there with contact information.  Contact the office which placed the hold to see how to remove it.

Transferring Credits

How can I transfer undergraduate credit to UCM?

Request from the other institution that a copy of your official transcript showing the transfer credits be sent to the UCM Admissions Office (WDE 1400).  The Admissions Office posts all domestic undergraduate transfer work to your UCM record.  Make sure that your final grades are on the transcript before having it sent to UCM.  If you earned a degree at the other institution, make sure that the degree is listed on your transcript before you have it sent to UCM.


How do I transfer my UCM work to another institution?


Order an official transcript online from the Registrar’s Office.