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Registrar & Student Records

Ward Edwards 1000
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4900
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Academic Transcripts

An academic transcript shows a history of all courses taken, grades received, and hours earned.  There are two types of academic transcripts – unofficial and official.

Unofficial Transcripts

Current students, academic advisors, and individuals who were students at Central after 1982 have access to unofficial transcripts via MyCentral. The Registrar's Office does not issue unofficial transcripts. Students can access their unofficial transcript by logging into MyCentral. Once logged in, go to the "Student Services " tab, “UCM Student Records”, and then choose "Unofficial Transcript".  Under “Transcript Level” choose your level (either undergraduate or graduate).  The system will default to an unofficial version of your transcript.

Unofficial transcripts include your name and your UCM student number. Your birth date and social security number are not included on the unofficial transcript. Unofficial transcripts list the degree, major, and minor (if applicable) that you are pursuing but do not indicate whether or not you have earned the degree. (Degrees earned are posted to official transcripts.) Dean's List designation will show with applicable semesters.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are provided for a fee by the Office of the Registrar and Student Records.  For more information on requesting an official transcript click here.

Official transcripts include your name, your birth month and day, and your UCM student number. Your social security number is not included on the official transcript. If you have completed your degree, the transcript will include your degree, major, and minor (if applicable). If you graduated with honors this will also be displayed on your transcript. Dean's List designation will show with applicable semesters.

Transcripts for Dual Credit

Students who earned dual credit through UCM during high school may request an official UCM transcript online, in person, by mail, or by fax.  The Registrar’s Office cannot accept transcript requests by telephone or email (unless a PDF form is attached).  Click here for more information on ordering an official transcript.

If an unofficial copy of the UCM transcript will suffice, students may access their unofficial transcript by logging into MyCentral.  Once logged in, go to the "Student Services " tab, “UCM Student Records”, and then choose "Unofficial Transcript".  Under “Transcript Level” choose “undergraduate”.  

Transcripts for Dale Carnegie Credit

Dale Carnegie® programs are in compliance with the rigorous standards of the American Council on Education (ACE) and are considered to be of college level quality. ACE recommends to colleges and universities throughout the U.S. that individuals completing Dale Carnegie® Training as of April 28, 1983 are eligible for college transfer credit.

The University of Central Missouri accepts ACE recommendations for college credit per the ACE recommendations. When transferring credits to another college or university, the final decision whether or not transfer credits will be awarded for completing a Dale Carnegie® Training program is determined by the college or university. Please contact the college or university that you are currently attending, or plan to attend in the future, to determine the policies and procedures regarding transfer credits.

Students who have completed Dale Carnegie credits at UCM should follow the regular process for ordering an official UCM transcript.

Students who completed Dale Carnegie® training through other locations (not through UCM) should use the Dale Carnegie Transcript Request form and follow the instructions below.

After completing your Dale Carnegie® Training program, please submit the following items to your local Dale Carnegie® Representative:

1. A completed University of Central Missouri Dale Carnegie Transcript Request Form.

2. A check or money order made payable to the University of Central Missouri for $50.00 for the first transcript request and $5.00 for each additional transcript request.

3. A copy of your Certificate of Completion from your Dale Carnegie® Training Program.

Your local Dale Carnegie® representative will verify that you have successfully completed your Dale Carnegie® Training program and will submit your forms to the University of Central Missouri for processing. Upon UCM's receipt of request, please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing your transcript(s).

Having trouble logging into MyCentral? Contact the Technology Support Center at or 660-543-4357.