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Office of Admissions

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Definition of Terms


Some courses may have a course equivalency for only a certain time frame (due to course title, numbering or content changes, etc.). If this occurs in the course equivalency you are viewing, you will note the effective beginning and/or ending date. Examples:

ENGL101 completed through Spring 1989 - effective equivalency only if the course was completed until the ending date indicated.

MUS1000 completed from Summer 1980 through Spring 1990 - effective only if course completed during this date range.

ART1000 taken from Summer 1995 - is equivalent if taken from that semester until the current semester.

Summer0000 - Beginning code of Summer0000 means there is no specific beginning date for course equivalency

Fall9999 - End code of Fall9999 means there is no end to the current date range.


Course selected does not have a UCM equivalent but will fulfill CMSU’s General Education requirements (1995 catalog) or the more recent University Studies requirements (1996-98 and 1998-2000 catalogs).


Course selected does not have a UCM equivalent but will fulfill CMSU’s University Studies requirements for science (BIOLOPT will fulfill the biology requirement, etc.). However, these courses may not fulfill a specific major requirement. Please check with Academic Advisement if you have questions about transferring a course for a specific major requirement.