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Diplomas and Certificates


Upon completion of all degree or certificate requirements, all students receive a diploma or certificate. The cost of this diploma/certificate is included in the graduation fee billed to students during their last semester.

A $10 surcharge applies to any returned diplomas and those being mailed outside of the United States. Diplomas and certificates are printed on 8 ½ x 11 paper and are portrait style.

UCM does not keep a copy of student diplomas/certificates on file: the student is issued the only copy. Diplomas/certificates will not be mailed to students with financial holds. Students must contact the Registrar's Office once their hold is removed to initiate diploma/certificate mailing.

 Diploma/Certificate Information

Your Name on Your Diploma/Certificate

Your first and last names on your diploma/certificate must match your official name on your university records. For your middle name, you may choose to include your full middle name, your middle initial, or no middle name. You may also include suffixes, such as Jr., Sr., II, etc. Any changes to your diploma/certificate name must be made before the commencement date.

Information about changing your name with the university can be found here

What is on My Diploma/Certificate?

Diplomas include the degree earned, name of your major(s), and academic honors (if applicable). If your major has a major option approved by the Missouri Department of Higher Education, the major option will also appear on the diploma. Major areas, concentrations and minors do not appear on the diploma.

Students who complete a double major will be issued one diploma with both major names listed. Students who complete a double degree will be issued one diploma per degree. Students completing double degrees must apply for each degree separately when applying for graduation.

Certificates include the name of certificate only.

Mailing Diplomas & Certificates

Diplomas/certificates will be mailed approximately six to eight weeks after the degree conferral date to the diploma/certificate address on file in the Registrar's Office.

Diplomas being mailed outside of the United States will incur a $10 surcharge. The address indicated must be good for that time frame. Diplomas/certificates will not be forwarded by the Post Office. This address is only used to mail your diploma/certificate. If you update your primary/local mailing address it will not change your diploma/certificate address. 

To make changes to your diploma/certificate mailing address, log into MyCentral and go to the Personal Information section on the landing page.  Be sure to update the diploma mailing address (and not one of the other address fields).  If you move to an address other than the one on file in the Registrar's Office and fail to notify the Registrar's Office, we cannot guarantee you will receive your diploma/certificate. Returned diplomas will incur a $10 fee to be mailed again. A fee is required before a duplicate will be ordered.

If your diploma or certificate is damaged in mailing please contact your local Post Office. A fee is required before a replacement can be ordered.

Replacement Diplomas & Certificates

The University does not have a copy of your diploma/certificate on file. If you find an error on your diploma or certificate, you have up to one year to report this to the Registrar's Office and request a free replacement. Before a replacement may be ordered, the original document must be returned to the UCM Registrar's Office. All other requests for replacements are considered a special order and cost $25.00 per document. There are no express services available for diplomas/certificates. Replacements may only be requested by and issued to the graduate. Replacements take approximately three to four weeks to arrive. Replacements are not provided if students have a financial hold with the university.

Replacement documents will have the name of the university as "University of Central Missouri."  

To order a replacement diploma mail or fax (660- 543-8400) this form to the Registrar's Office. 

Apostilled Diplomas & Certificates

To request an apostilled diploma/certificate, please contact the Registrar's Office at 660-543-4914.

Diploma & Certificate Frames

A great way to show your Central Missouri pride and to let the world know about your accomplishment is to frame your diploma or certificate. A variety of custom frames and mats are available from the University Store. Shipping and handling charges apply to orders placed via the web or phone. Check the website for the complete assortment.  


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