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JUNE 8-13, 2014
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UCM Music Camp Ensemble Participation Policy

LARGE PERFORMING ENSEMBLES: ALL CAMPERS must be in at least one large performing ensemble

  1. BANDS (Honor, Symphonic, or Concert) - audition required. All 7th-graders (12/13 school yr.) will be placed in the Concert Band and auditions will be for chair placement only. 8th-12th graders (12/13 school yr.) will audition for placement and chair order in the most appropriate of the THREE bands.
    * The Symphonic Band will be made up mostly of 8-12 grade students.
    * Honor Band will be made up of the top musicians (based on audition) on each instrument.

  2. CAMP SYMPHONY: audition required. (wind & percussion players must have completed 8th grade)

  3. CHOIRS (Fulkerson Chorale or Concert Choir): no audition.
    SINGERS are assigned to voice parts, based on audition.

*Vocalists will be allowed to perform in a maximum of 2 vocal ensembles. The maximum of 2 must include the mixed choir.

ALL CAMPERS must attend BOTH daily rehearsals for each Large Performing Ensemble they are participating in. Large Ensembles have TOP PRIORITY if conflicts arise.

Participation in Small Ensembles and taking private lessons are strongly encouraged. Members of most Small Ensembles are selected by audition only:

  • JAZZ BAND (Studio Band and Lab Band -- Open to all students - by audition)
  • SHOW CHOIR (audition required) - basic vocalizations and choreography

*To participate, campers must be selected....and attend BOTH daily rehearsals.

Campers in a large ensemble who (1) don't participate in any other ensembles and, (2) don't take private lessons - MUST PARTICIPATE in an enrichment course.

If there is a conflict between a Small Ensemble and:

  1. a camper's only Large Ensemble...he/she cannot participate in that Small Ensemble. (or he/she must earn membership in another Large Ensemble which does not conflict).
  2. one of two Large Ensembles the camper is participating...he/she must decide which one to drop (the Small Ensemble or the second Large Ensemble).
  3. a Sectional...he/she must attend the Small Ensemble rehearsal (or drop it).

Sectionals are important and attendance is required unless there is a direct conflict with an ensemble rehearsal.

Schedule Conflicts & Changes must be resolved by a staff member. Ask for help! If any changes are made...YOU must notify:

  1. The Director in charge of the rehearsal or sectional you are dropping. AND
  2. The Camp Director or Secretary on Sunday after the All-Camp Meeting.

ATTENDANCE will be taken at All Rehearsals. Unexcused absences will result in disciplinary action. Excessive absences may result in dismissal from camp.