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Community Music Program

General Information

Welcome to the Community Music Program!


Director: Dr. Mia Hynes: or 660-543-8900.
(Email is much more reliable and faster.)

Contacting your teacher: Once a student has been enrolled and assigned to a teacher, that teacher will serve as primary contact. They will give you all of their pertinent contact information.

Performance Requirements
Parental Participation
About the Program
Instructional String Class
Starting Age
Instrument Acquisition
Lesson Length/Number
Teaching Staff
Cancellation Policies
Discontinuation and Refunds


The mission of the Community Music Program encompasses two goals:

1. Provide high quality musical instruction to the community at large. CMP students and their instructors will collaborate on the development of short and longer term goals. Instructors will devise a plan for achieving those goals, provide easily reproducible practice strategies, and opportunities to develop skills in performance.

2. Provide hands-on teaching experience for university students. Students are not expected to be master teachers; in fact, this may be their first true "field" experience. They are expected to improve by observation, self-reflection, and experience. They may consult periodically with university faculty for advice as necessary.


The study of music is ultimately a shared experience. Lessons and practices are expected to lead towards a demonstration of skills acquired in front of an audience. To this end, students will be expected to participate in the Program Recital, or some other performance opportunity (through other venues, such as schools, churches, auditions, shows, etc.) each semester. Students not wishing to adhere to this requirement will be encouraged to seek instruction elsewhere. It is the goal of the Community Music Program that the Program Recitals be a positive experience for all involved, and teachers will spend appropriate time assisting students in preparation for this event. Additional opportunities such as master classes with university faculty, and guest teachers may arise and Dr. Hynes will send out information via the teachers when these opportunities become available.


The CMP does not follow a particular syllabus for any instrument or vocal study, nor do we give "grades". It is expected that each teacher will engage students and their parents in an ongoing dialogue regarding progress being made from lesson to lesson. Students will demonstrate the work that they have done in lessons at the Program Recital (or other equivalent performance


Parental participation is critical in the success of music study. Therefore, parents will be encouraged to attend all lessons and keep track of students' progress. Some parents and students will be asked to fill out an evaluation of student (non university faculty) teachers at the end of the semester.


Students wishing to enroll in the Community Music Program should return the form by mail (campus or regular). You may use one form per family (i.e., enrolling siblings, or enrolling one person in multiple lessons) There is a form at the end of the brochure. Additional forms are available on our website:

Checks should be made out to UCM Department of Music. Please indicate on your check what it is covering (i.e. Piano Lessons for Susie). Partial payment is required to hold a spot in lessons and/or classes. Full payment must be received by October 1 for Fall lessons, and by March 1 for Spring lessons.

Please mail forms and checks to:

UCM Dept of Music
Community Music Program (c/o Mia Hynes)
Utt 215
Warrensburg, MO 64093


Lesson location: All lessons, classes, and performances take place in the Utt Music Building.

Instruments offered: Piano, Voice, Guitar, Strings, and other instruments upon request. In addition, we offer a group-format string instruction class.

Instructional String Class: three sections, all taught by Mrs. Mary Lubaroff, a string teaching specialist with over 20 years of experience. Students will learn proper technique for playing violin, viola, or cello in a small group setting. They will learn to play by themselves and in parts with other classmates.  Students will be grouped by levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Times/Dates will be announced during registration week.

  • Students wishing to be placed in the intermediate or advanced class need to have permission from Mrs. Lubaroff

Starting Age and other Requirements:

For Private Lesson instruction:

  • Vocal students must have passed the 8th grade at a minimum.

  • Piano and string instruction may be given as early as age 5.

  • Band and percussion students should be in middle or high school unless special exception has been approved by Dr. Hynes and the CMP teacher.

For Instructional String Class:

  • Students should be in the first grade or above.

  • For the Beginners class, no previous experience is required.

  • For the Intermediate and Advanced classes, placement is determined by Interview with Mrs. Lubaroff.

    All string students must rent their own instrument. (Contact information of Meyer Music will be shared with parents so that they can procure the right instrument.)

Instrument Acquisition: Students should own or rent an instrument for home practice. Students studying piano must own or rent a piano. Electric keyboards are not suitable. For information on renting any kind of instrument, we recommend contacting Central Band and Piano (747-0755). String instruments may be rented from Meyer Music (Blue Springs:

Length and Number of Lessons: 30, 45, or 60 minutes; once or twice a week for 12 weeks. String class meets once a week for 45 minutes.

Who is on the Teaching Staff: Teaching staff consists of University Faculty or Adjunct Staff, graduate students and selected undergraduate students in the Department of Music. All students are either in an education degree program or have had specialized training in pedagogy. The student staff changes with each semester.

Auditions for University Faculty:

If a student desires to study with a member of the UCM faculty, they must audition for that faculty member in person. Contact Dr. Hynes for more information.

Assignment of Teachers / Scheduling of Lessons: Students may request a teacher on the registration form, but this is not required. If no preference is indicated, Dr. Hynes will assign the student to a teacher. Every effort will be made to honor teacher requests, but students and families should be aware that such requests cannot be guaranteed until the registration session is completed.

Cancellation and Make-Up Lessons: All lessons missed should be accounted for, either by cancellation or make-up at the teacher's discretion. Lessons missed by the student without appropriate prior notice (24 hrs) will be considered cancelled and not made-up. If the teacher misses or is late for a lesson, that time must be made up as soon as possible (preferably within the next week).

If absence is anticipated, please give advance notice whenever possible. We realize that emergencies do happen (on both the part of the teacher and student), and if it is not possible for either party to meet at the assigned time without prior notice, it is expected that contact will be made as soon as possible to explain the emergency/reason for absence.

Teachers and students are required to wait for at least 10 minutes before considering the lesson missed.

Discontinuation of Lessons and Refunds: If for some reason lessons must be discontinued by the student due to ircumstances beyond their control (illness/injury, family moving away), a refund will be given for all lessons not taken. If student discontinues lessons for any other reason, such as not being able to make lesson times, other activity conflicts, dissatisfaction with the teacher, or other such conflict, pro-rated refunds will only be given if lessons are discontinued before October 1 (for students registering in fall) or March 1 (for students registering in spring).

Note: Refunds will NOT be given for lessons which the student has missed without giving the teacher adequate notice (more than 24 hrs).

If lessons are discontinued due to teacher needing to discontinue lessons, every effort will be made to place students with a teacher of similar level. If no accommodation suitable to both the family and Dr. Hynes can be made, a full refund will be issued for all lessons not received.

Note for vocal students: because the nature of vocal instruction prohibits instruction if a student has upper respiratory illness or allergy, it may be that students will miss several lessons. In this case the instructor will make an effort to fulfill the lesson requirements as soon as is convenient; it may mean that future lessons are longer than normal to fulfill the instructional time requirement.

Before a student registers to take lessons through our program, student and family should be aware that this is a serious commitment. Students are responsible for "looking ahead" and anticipating interruptions to instruction. If a student knows that some other activity will prevent them from taking lessons for 3 or more weeks, please do not assume that the teacher will have time to make up so many lessons. In fact, it may be beneficial for that student to seek instruction elsewhere.


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