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Music Technology
Vocal/Choral Music
Master’s of Music Education
Instrumental Music

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Faculty and Staff Directory
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office chair iconOffice phone iconPhone:
660-543 + ext
email iconEmail:
Full-Time Faculty
profile icon AABERG (Jazz-Commercial Music) office chair icon HUD 118  phone icon 4909 email icon AABERG
profile icon BERSIN (Cello/Double Bass) office chair icon UTT 209 phone icon  4474 email icon BERSIN
profile icon CHECK (Music Theory) office chair iconUTT 200 phone icon  4587 email icon CHECK
profile icon CHOI (Collaborative Piano) office chair icon HUD 103  phone icon email icon MCHOI
profile icon COLE (Music Technology) office chair icon HUD 107  phone icon 4115 email icon ACOLE
profile icon FENLEY (Flute) office chair iconHUD 123 phone icon  4974 email icon FENLEY
profile icon GAI (Clarinet/Saxophone) office chair iconHUD 116 phone icon  8890 email icon GAI
profile icon HANEY - Kristee (Voice, Musical Theater) office chair iconUTT 217 phone icon  4470  email icon KHANEY
profile icon HANEY - Matt (Voice, Opera) office chair icon UTT 219  phone icon 4586 email icon MHANEY
profile icon HONOUR (Music Technology) office chair iconHUD 108 phone icon  4589 email icon HONOUR
profile icon HYNES (Piano) office chair iconUTT 215 phone icon  8900 email icon HYNES
profile icon JENNINGS (Assistant Dir. of Bands) office chair icon UTT 202D  phone icon 8508 email icon EJENNINGS
profile icon LAWRENCE (Vocal Music) office chair iconHUD 104 phone icon  4973 email icon RLAWRENCE
profile icon LUBAROFF Interim Chair
(Director of Bands)
office chair iconUTT 111
UTT 202E
phone icon  4531
email icon SLUBAROFF
profile icon MALTAS (Elementary Music) office chair iconUTT 013 phone icon  4160 email icon MALTAS
profile icon MATTSON (Oboe/Bassoon) office chair iconUTT 201 phone icon 4473 email icon SMATTSON
profile icon MOEGE (Horn/Guitar) office chair iconHUD 120 phone icon 8897 email icon GMOEGE
profile icon ROBBINS (Musicology) office chair iconUTT 221 phone icon 8348 email icon ASROBBINS
profile icon RODEN (Voice) office chair iconUTT 213 phone icon 4472 email icon SRODEN
profile icon RUTLAND (Violin/Viola/Orchestra) office chair iconUTT 203 phone icon 4046 email icon RUTLAND
profile icon SEKELSKY (Percussion),
CAHSS Associate Dean
office chair iconHUD 101
MAR 126
phone icon 4681
email icon SEKELSKY
profile icon SENTGEORGE (Voice) office chair iconHUD 121 phone icon 8908 email icon SENTGEORGE
profile icon TIAN (Piano) office chair iconUTT 223 phone icon 4471 email icon TTIAN
profile icon WENGER (Trumpet) office chair iconHUD 119 phone icon 4585 email icon AWENGER
profile icon ZABRISKIE (Director of
Choral Activities)
office chair iconUTT 211 phone icon 4162 email icon ZABRISKIE
Office Professional
STRINGER office chair iconUTT 111 phone icon 4682 email icon HSTRINGER
 FELTON (Tuba/Euphonium)   phone icon 4854 email icon FELTON
profile icon FERGUSON (Harp)     email icon JFERGUSON
profile icon HARTMAN (Theory) office chair iconUTT 001C   email icon HARTMAN
profile icon HEARTING (Percussion) office chair iconHUD 115  785-393-2465  email icon HEARTING
profile icon ISAAC (Saxophone) office chair iconHUD 101   email icon ISAAC
profile icon OYSTER (Trombone) office chair iconHUD 125   email icon OYSTER
profile icon PRITCHARD (Color Guard & Winter Guard) office chair iconUTT 109   email icon PRITCHARD
profile icon RIGGINS (Experiencing Music) office chair iconUTT 013   email icon RIGGINS
profile icon SETSER (Music Education) office chair icon   email icon PSETSER
profile icon THORNTON (Drumline) office chair iconHUD 115   email icon THORNTON
Graduate Assistants
Chase, David (Bands) office chair iconUTT 202A   email icon DCHASE
Gascon, Andrew (Admin) office chair iconUTT 001D   email icon ACG55480
Harmon, Jason (Piano) office chair iconUTT 001A   email icon JFH75190
Poquette, Jonathan (bands) office chair iconUTT 202A   email icon POQUETTE
Smith, Michelle office chair iconUTT 000C   email icon MSSMITH1
TBA (piano) office chair iconUTT 001A   email icon

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