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Applied Technology Performance

Applied technology performance is an exciting new area of study at UCM. Students whose primary performance instruments are based in technology (e.g. laptops, turntables, or controllers) may audition on those instruments. UCM does not mandate any specific hardware or software for students in this area to use. Popular software applications for applied technology performance include Ableton Live, Logic, Traktor, Max, and PD. However, you are welcome to audition using the technology with which you are most familiar, whatever that may be.

For the audition, UCM will provide a PA system and access to electrical power. You must provide all other equipment your performance requires. You must have legal license to use any software or hardware you use in the audition: it is not permissible to audition using pirated or "cracked" software. The polish and professionalism of your performance, your performance technique, and your level of mastery of your instrument(s) are all important factors in the audition.

Audition Requirements

1. A prepared work demonstrating your abilities on your instrument(s). This could be an original work you have composed, or an adaptation of another composer's work for your setup. It should demonstrate the way that you perform with your equipment, the quality of your ability to perform live on your setup, and your overall musicality and creativity, as translated through live performance.

2. Sight-reading. You will be given one or two short excerpts of written music. After a brief period for you to look them over, you will be asked to perform them on your instrument(s). These excerpts could be short melodies in treble or bass clef, and/or rhythmic excerpts.

3. Given work. Please choose ONE of the three selections linked below, to prepare as your given work. You are not required to sing, and you most likely will simply ignore the lyrics. Please adapt the one song you choose, to your equipment. The adaptation could be very literal—you could perhaps play the piano part back on a MIDI track while you perform the melody live over top of it on a synth lead—or could be more creative. For example, you could add beats or other materials to the given materials, to put your own spin on the song. In all cases, however, as with the materials above, live performance must be at the heart of your adaptation.

Given work #1

Given work #2

Given work #3

When you feel like you're ready, please contact Dr. Eric Honour to set-up an audition time. You will also need to take the Music Fundamentals Exam after you audition. You can find out more about that exam here:

Be sure and read about our ADMISSION POLICY for the Department of Music.

For an additional questions, please contact Dr. Eric Honour:


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